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Firefox for Android began refusing to load my Twitter feed yesterday. . All I get is:

"Cannot Complete Request"

Anyone else seeing this:

"Local Government Association says today’s test and trace performance figures show that its officials do a much better job than" serco test and trace - if we are to bring #covid under control, we must transfer all testing and tracing to local authorities

Raring to code today ⌨️

Today is one of those days when I've coded about half the stuff I was working on, redesigned it in my head and have everything to hand to complete it and refactor into a nicer design.

And the next bit half sketched out, again in my head which will to put the result into a nice UI (actually a / Terminal using tui-rs in Rust).

This is my idea of fun! 😍

I'm working to fill in the the top right bit of vdash:

Auto-translation of toots would be very powerful addition to mastodon.

Just saying, because I don't think it is feasible but I see so many feeds I'd like to check out and follow, but can't because I'm a monolingual idiot.

Wow, this is great news, and I know a lot of folks on gitter for who I believe will be pleased about this.

> Gitter is joining the Matrix ecosystem and will become the first major existing chat platform to switch to natively speaking Matrix


Blimey, here's the book. Ron's son has kept it and sent me photos to see if this is the one!

His dad making connections after all this time. How wonderful.

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Blimey, here's the book. Ron's son has kept it and sent me photos to see if this is the one!

His dad making connections after all this time. How wonderful.

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I heard from the son of one of my teachers today about his dad's passing.

Ronald Hughes was I think now, a clever humble man. He taught Physics and treated me with respect when I went to him to ask about relativity. I was about sixteen, but entrusted me with an old book by Einstein, and gave me the feeling that I might be able to learn from Einstein about something he said few people really understood.

It had a big impact on me. RIP Ron Hughes, and thank you for being a wise teacher.

Having resumed my two mastodon accounts a few days ago I'm very pleased to have done so, it's working very well, so thanks to everyone who persevered to make it so.

I will now try to make this my primary social home (eg setting up cross posting bits *to* twitter, not from) and spending most of my time on

Shocked I am, to learn that my practice of blocking or muting tweet promoting Twitter accounts means I have a block list of over 800 and a muted list of over 6,000 accounts (muting is fewer clicks).

Can't believe I muted/blocked that many.

Worth it though, I hardly ever see promoted tweets!

Some things take time, but we do them because we're interested in a better future, not just a quick fix.

Today, Human Rights Watch published an investigation into how the automation of #UniversalCredit, the UK's benefits system, is driving people into hunger, debt and poverty.

Again, using an algorithm is wrecking lives. This has been known for years, but successive Tory governments don't care and have proceeded to roll it out regardless. #UKpol #UK

Human Rights Watch article:

We've designed the laws and duties for business to be sociopathic, prioritising a duty of profit and nothing more than 'not breaking the law' to protect humans (or rather keeping the cost of lawbreaking low enough not to eat into profit).

It's wrong headed, and bound to destroy humanity if not corrected. #business #philosophy #civilisation

I'm not surprised. I've long admired crows, they're wonderful to watch and definitely look as if they're thinking.

One was smart enough to chase me and my boat off his patch by pecking the kitchen window at first light each morning.

Crows Are Capable of Conscious Thought, Scientists Demonstrate For The First Time:

are among the first to build CRDTs into real world systems, using them for the fundamental data types of including sequence, append only and tree (so that's decentralised key/value, lists, filesystem etc). rocks! in

Here's what an ex Google Wave developer has to say about them...

I was wrong. CRDTs are the future:

If you're lucky, there comes a point when you recognise yourself, when you can acknowledge your own value and pursue that regardless of others.

That is freedom, but it doesn't come for free.

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