Another feature added, more bugs to chase, but a slight tweak first. I had to tweak the tui-rs gauge widget slightly to allow bars that fit on a single line.

The Safe Network vault dashboard now shows stats for the chunk store:

Firefox for Android began refusing to load my Twitter feed yesterday. . All I get is:

"Cannot Complete Request"

Anyone else seeing this:

Raring to code today ⌨️

Today is one of those days when I've coded about half the stuff I was working on, redesigned it in my head and have everything to hand to complete it and refactor into a nicer design.

And the next bit half sketched out, again in my head which will to put the result into a nice UI (actually a / Terminal using tui-rs in Rust).

This is my idea of fun! 😍

I'm working to fill in the the top right bit of vdash:

Blimey, here's the book. Ron's son has kept it and sent me photos to see if this is the one!

His dad making connections after all this time. How wonderful.

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