That 5,000 users paid £22 to switch to a monochrome icon set in one week, says a lot about Apple and it's user base.

That the creator thought £22 for an icon set like this is also interesting, and another reflection on the prison runs, and people buy into.

@SAFEpress How is it a prison, when people voluntarily pay someone decent money for something they subjectively feel is worth it? There are many prison aspects about iOS and the Apple ecosystem, but this is not one of them.

@raucao Apple's business model is bait and switch, which is based on capture (which is what I mean by them imprisoning users).

The reason many rushed to pay £22 to customise their home screen is because Apple denied them this ability, which they can only do by making it hard to leave their ecosystem once people have invested in joining. Hence prison.

@SAFEpress Nobody is forcing you to change your home screen to monochrome icons, and most people are aware of the fact that it is a heavily curated ecosystem. Your argument doesn't address my core point that a voluntary exchange like that has nothing to do with a prison.

And if you had read the article you linked in its entirety, you'd also see that this was only created precisely because it is now possible to change your home screen icons, and people just liked what the creator changed his to.

@raucao sorry if I'm not being clear enough to be understood. My prison comment is related to the Apple ecosystem, not suggesting people are being forced to change their icons or pay £22.

You are free to like Apple and how they operate. Personally I don't, and I don't like corporations in general or the laws which create them in this form - so I will continue to point to what I think it's bad about how they operate as a consequence of the legal framework which governs them.

@SAFEpress Again missing the entire argument. I'm not a fan of Apple at all. You are equaling people voluntarily and happily giving money to a creator for an icon set with them being locked in to the Apple ecosystem. These things are completely unrelated.

@SAFEpress Buying an icon set has absolutely nothing to do with how Apple operates. It just happens to be the case that the majority of people valuing a beautiful home screen that much are using Apple hard- and software. Likely for the precise reason that they value Apple's design in the first place.

@raucao you may think that, I think otherwise but I'm tired of the way you engage with me so let's agree to disagree, and go use our talents more productively.

@SAFEpress You're not thinking "otherwise". I'm merely pointing out a clear flaw in your logic, and i must assume that's why you don't like "the way I engage". If your making invalid arguments online, you'll have to live with the fact that someone will point out those flaws. I'm doing it because I care about you seeing the logic, not to be right. So as long as you keep not engaging with my actual argument, I can't really do anything but try to explain it even more.

@SAFEpress But as you wish, agree to disagree. Except that there's no disagreement, because I'm not telling you my opinion.

@raucao you are expressing opinions. If you deny that, ok. Another agree to disagree. I can't be bothered to explain my logic because of the way you do this, not for the first time.

@SAFEpress That's because you refuse to even address the logical flaw in your opinion for not the first time. Sorry for trying to help you with that. Bye.

@SAFEpress By the way, the reason I care so much is because one of the major things I see hurting free software is that a lot of its creators don't care about or empathize with people who value beauty and good design much more than they do themselves. I think we need more good design in FOSS, not less. And people paying this person decent money for his creation is a crystal-clear signal that people care about these things, not an evil Apple ploy.

@raucao ok, that's valid and I've no strong views on that, which is why my comments were not about the designer or people wishing to customise their home screen.

It was Apple's habit of controlling and preventing such creativity that I was commenting on.

I believe that this is what created the opportunity and the demand once someone found a way to do this, in spite of Apple. You don't find this on open platforms for example.

@SAFEpress OK, that's fair. Can you point me to a very similar product of the same quality on say the Google Play store then? They have allowed customizing everything pretty much since the beginning.

@SAFEpress (I would guess that there certainly are 5000 people among the entire Android user base, who will shell out 22 quid for a beautiful home screen.)

@raucao in a week? If you really think that, go do it. This guy made £77,000 in a week, and it's because this was seen as exceptional that it was news.

Remember ring tones. People paid lots of money for those because they were locked in, and as soon as that became open (with smart phones) the price dropped and they became free.

@SAFEpress I'm not a designer. Yes, among hundreds of millions of people, I think 5K would value exceptional design at 28 USD.

@raucao @SAFEpress the example which comes to mind is Linux distros. There's a while world of creativity, not necessarily what *you* value. That isn't my thing so I'd but likely be aware of it if it's there, or on Google play, but if all kinds of stuff which different people with different interests do value.

@raucao BTW I had read the article, and was aware that someone find a workaround which then allowed this designer to offer his product.

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