Hi everyone! Just migrated my old account @sirduck here, to post more specifically about #privacy #foss #security #tech and issues around the world in general. I'm a student and love learning more about tech, #linux and anything really, I have plenty more interests like #space #science #photography #games #movies #nature and of course I enjoy any and all memes

As you can see I suck at introductions but I'm happy to be here :)

For more cozy content you can follow me on @spacelizard

@weltsnake @sirduck@mastodon.social @spacelizard I recently came back to mastodon after a gap of the years and immediately noticed mastodon.technology and though that might be a better homes for this account.

Did you consider any others for those interests, and how did you decide this was the best place?

Also, were there any downsides to the migration for you?

Thanks if you have a moment to answer. If not, that's fine.

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