PSA: I've moved to for my Mastodon needs because I want people to know by my instance name that I care a lot about FLOSS 🙂

@BryanLunduke You really need to get more creative with your T-Shirts. The community will be more than happy to design some for you. Make it a Contest

I don't like Mastodon but I admire the effort made in educating users, and potential users, about the dangers of centralisation or by simply offering itself as a 'big wide world' solution that exists outside of the usual social networks.

StatusNet may have been first but we must never forget it as the primary inspiration that drove some of us to make its concept work.

Chromium & Firefox web browsers are now installable as Snaps on Ubuntu.

And any other distro supporting snaps for that matter then.

Universal simplicity: once the application is installed as a Snap, you'll always get the most recent version as soon as it's released by its developers.

#Snap #Linux #Ubuntu #universal #packaging #Firefox #Chromium #snapd

computer fairies registrations are open 24/7 just saying

Old version: Only two clicks to do my job. Nice.

New version: It's more intuitive, only 7 clicks to do the same job.

How intuitive...

‪Last day to buy this killer Cyberpunk / Hacker themed Tarot Deck by @PixelOccult off of Kickstarter!‬


:cybre_glitch: cybrespace registrations :cybre_glitch: 

cybrespace is going to open registrations tomorrow, march 16, from midnight UTC to midnight utc (@041 to @041)

we're hoping to get some folks who are new to the fediverse in addition to established people wanting to try out this instance, so please spread the word!

if you know someone who might want to try out mastodon, tomorrow you can recommend cybrespace!

Computer programming:

1%: I have melded with the machine and we are as one with one singular purpose.

99%: It's a wonder I can even move the mouse without the computer telling me to fuck off.

“Do people actually use Mastodon?”

Nope. Nobody is here. Absolutely no one.

tech grumbles 

it's getting to the point where I hate using Discord because for some baffling reason it logs me out of my in-browser session whenever I go from home wifi to work wifi and back again, requiring full 2FA and everything

fix your shitty session management guys

‘Stephen Hawking’s final words to the internet: robots aren’t the problem, capitalism is’

“If machines produce everything we need, the outcome will depend on how things are distributed. Everyone can enjoy a life of luxurious leisure if the machine-produced wealth is shared, or most people can end up miserably poor if the machine-owners successfully lobby against wealth redistribution.”

Also on our radar:

The last week in Firefox has seen an introduction of Web Auth permissions, dead code removal and an add-on to stop intrusive content pop-ups from appearing.

A novice of the temple once approached the Master Programmer with a question: “Master, does #Emacs have the Buddha nature?” the novice asked.

The Master Programmer had been in the temple for many years and could be relied upon to know these things. He thought for several minutes before replying: “I don’t see why not. It’s bloody well got everything else.”

Britain will never have a Pi Day because we write dates out correctly.
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