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If Eva is the heights of extreme pretention and Gurren Lagann is the crass fuckery of extreme baseness, you could consider a line between them where RAHXEPHON is their subtle, tastefully constructed middle.

I'm glad we've represented the entirety of the human artistic spectrum in the "get in the robot" genre of storytelling.

Okay but if you don't validate your forms is it really wrong for me to order 1337 free gifts?

The fact that duplicacy is not free software still makes me so angry, a year after finding it out.

If a feature is not supported it should not 200 OK.

We just spent a 3 week cycle trying to work something out with a vendor all because their API accepted unsupported configurations.

"Secure cloud adoption"

Adopt clouds securely?
Adopt secure clouds?
Adoption by means of secure clouds?
Adoption by means of insecure clouds, but securely?
An imperative, as in "please do secure cloud adoption for me, cloud adoption has always been very insecure"?

It's just such a useless phrase. "Secure cloud" is just "cloud, except we actually did our job".

We got our booth number today for #Scale17x. It's official.

Uncoded will be at booth #627!

white cis male privilege 

To clarify: being the acknowledged default deprives the party opposite you of the ease of dismissing your opinion based on your membership in an othered group. They have to a) other you specifically as a person or b) actually engage with what you say!

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white cis male privilege being able to tell your superiors and clients that you aren't going to repeat yourself for the amusement of their ego or indulgence of their laziness.

Is it bad that when I tell my friends I'm switching to KDE I half expect them to ask if I'm doing okay?

Is it bad that when I tell my friends I'm switching to KDE I half expect them to ask if I'm doing okay?

There's a special kind of workplace toxicity that manifests in the person who is disrespectful of the open office soundspace.

Open offices are tricky, but a disrespectful person makes it orders of magnitude worse.

ContraPoints: "Are Traps Gay?" β€’ Latest video from the amazing performer / gender philosopher. It's intense, and complex, and I admire how Natalie is working at a higher level than any other media on gender I know about #linkblog #transgendertranslgbttootme

Harsh imagery 

Analytical skills (especially linguistic) are more important than "pure tech skills" in any tech field full stop.

The losses incurred due to people being incapable of understanding one another are *staggering*.

So the next person who complains about technically unqualified female CTOs will get my RSA dongle as a suppository!

politics, immigration 

The border wall isn't about racism, it's about *using* racism to move money from taxpayers to businesses.

Which means it's worse than racism, it's corrupted racism.

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