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@alcinnz These businesses are just trying to recreate pay-per-view on the internet. They have no interest in enabling progress.

The EFF warned that this would happen, and the W3C laughed them off. I'm still grumbling about EME.

@art yo.

What kind of a seat? I might have something knocking around in my garage.

I feel good today. Really good. I hope you all are feeling good too.

if you have to put optics before product then maybe your product is shit and maybe you should focus on that.

Wow the Librem 15 is the first laptop I've ever had where "acpi_osi=Linux" improved functionality dramatically.

Normally it breaks everything when you tell a system "hey I'm not windows".

I would really love to stop hearing the following terms at workplaces as synonyms for "people":


This would improve my life.

2018 saw me go from "weed maybe once a year" to "the kind of person who chills his bong"

2018 was strange.

I need my nerd card updated to platinum please, I'm officially a fan of a high-concept steampunk pantomime robot band.

What is my life.

The existence of a tool does not necessarily give rise to organizations structured in such a way to take advantage of it.

docker. multi. stage. builds.

If you write dockerfiles, you should probably be using these.


My password before enterprise "infosec approved" vault solution...




newegg next day express is about as close as mankind will ever get to

"I have never wanted to punch any person square in the jaw as much as him. If he dies I don't want to be the last person he sees, I want to be the last thing he's afraid of."

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