@Crackmacs @TheAdmin What is good in life? For the federated timeline to have all the messages, regardless of who sent them or what language they are in or how irrelevant you find them, for filter-bubble algorithms are the domain of the adversary.

I find it doubly ironic considering the canuckistan flag, indicating a country where bilingualism is legally mandated :-)

@Rtzq0 @TheAdmin automatically translating everything into English would be great too haha

I just want to be able to read everything.

@Crackmacs @TheAdmin I see japanese and french. Your country has, I believe, already facilitated you with an education in one of the two. You literally have half as much to complain about as I do XD

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@Rtzq0 @TheAdmin you're taught French from grade 4 to grade 6 here, and that was a long time ago. I don't know a single person that speaks French, except for some local politicians. It's another story in Quebec, but for the rest of us, nah.

@Crackmacs @TheAdmin /me types 'Alberta the ____ of Canada" into google to see what it auto-completes, comes up with "Texas"...

I see....

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