The following ultra-short intro to (co)homology is a reaction to this recent article which appeared on quantamagazine here:

Thanks to John Wehrle for sharing, and to Andreas Geisler for making me think about it:

That's... an update entirely in lowercase letters? No, that's a minicode update... Unicode subscript alphabet, then?

@visitar is #newhere, let's give a warm welcome to a great supporter of local culture and a good friend!

Gentile blubbering Steve Reich-y electronic space.

#listening to
Patch Notes: Hélène Vogelsinger -

Okay, seems to be beyond repair. So I will be slowly migrating to my accounts for maths stuff, which should be the lot of it, and to for other, mostly unix and programming related posts, and possibly some goofing around. Feel free to follow me there, according to your preferences. I'll keep this one for the foreseeable future, but I might not be bothering checking it very often, not only because the server may be down again.

I've been wrestling with Cohen's forcing again. And I have questions. Here's what got me restarted into this topic, and much of the following is inspired by it: Scott Aaronson: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the [...] Continuum Hypothesis: Part 1

Last time I had asked for intuitions about associativity, @JasonHise64 suggested that associativity is commutativity squared. In retrospect, his suggestion seems much clearer than I had initially been able to see. But I think I got it now. Let's take a look together... (thread)

I just noticed that the Bogomolny's website is still on-line. I must have misspelled his name, last time I searched for it:

@dredmorbius @woozle @dlovell

I also have a copy of not only Alexander Bogomolny's bird watching photos from g+, but also his Cut The Knot website as it was when he died, but now there seems to be a book about it, so I won't be able to keep it public either. Which seems ironic, because he never wanted any money for his work.

@dredmorbius @woozle @dlovell

I wrote a js frontend for that g+archiver and managed to grab not only my own posts (which I published, including comments), but also those of my friends (which I don't dare to publish, because I don't own them). My friends included John Baez (he had too many posts, I didn't get all of them), and Greg Egan, and a bunch of other cool mathsy people. Not sure what to do with those, beyond recovering conversations I had with them.

@dredmorbius @woozle @dlovell

My 7yo just got quarantined, because someone in his class was tested positive. Apparently, I'm not included. That feels... wrong?

Follow @mathemensch, he's a nice person, #newhere, and also a model theorist and aspiring algebraic geometer!

No iitt bbaarreellyy hhhaaasss bbbeeeggguuuhhnnn hhhheeeerrrreeee


I really wish I could pin individual threads in Mastodon (or #glitch) for when I'm following a (or several) interesting conversations.

Trying to get my nextcloud's to follow me. They say my follow would only show up when there's a status update. It certainly feels buggy. And how does one 'look at the protocol'?!?

Don't bother, this is basically just a rather chatty test post.

Well, yeah, but paging back my terminal can save me typing less to capture some general stdout...

Here's another one that happens to me: take out the first of a multi-filter pipeline. Especially with many files or a glob.


Sure, @carlchenet! I type `cat file` to have a look at it, and then I do cursor-up and `|grep foo` to emphasize a detail.

I should look at my history file, I'm sure there are more!

Iteratively rewriting queries I often end up with an unnecessary cat to save typing. Should I feel bad about that?


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