I really wish I could pin individual threads in Mastodon (or #glitch) for when I'm following a (or several) interesting conversations.

Trying to get my nextcloud's @rf@cloud.digital-gecko.net to follow me. They say my follow would only show up when there's a status update. It certainly feels buggy. And how does one 'look at the protocol'?!?

Don't bother, this is basically just a rather chatty test post.

Well, yeah, but paging back my terminal can save me typing less to capture some general stdout...

Here's another one that happens to me: take out the first of a multi-filter pipeline. Especially with many files or a glob.


Sure, @carlchenet! I type `cat file` to have a look at it, and then I do cursor-up and `|grep foo` to emphasize a detail.

I should look at my history file, I'm sure there are more!

Iteratively rewriting queries I often end up with an unnecessary cat to save typing. Should I feel bad about that?


Folks, get Siobhan Roberts' book "Genius At Play" to learn more about his life, and about his many other results, in game theory, and his work with Martin Gardner, Elwyn Berlekamp and Richard Guy... Invented notations for polyhedra, worked on octonions and number theory, and even published on free will. As he had to, I must end somewhere, but his work lives on! Farewell!

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John Horton Conway changed the meaning of Life for many of us. He invented surreal numbers, found simple groups - important missing pieces in their classification, wrote a captivating book about quadratic forms, and traded many more cool discoveries for small bits of his hygiene. Thanks to him I'll never forget about the bricks of princeton! I'm sorry that he couldn't live to see the full uncovering of the meaning of the monster group, which will probably take many more decades, if we're lucky.

I don't care about Marxism-Leninism at all, but even if the context tells they mean something about computers I have to look twice if it's about the 'Meta Language' class of typed functional programming languages like Haskell or Ocaml. I like to read about those, and the average quality of posts about Machine Learning is much lower, so I usually don't bother.


Coronacrisis, Iceland's Testing Strategy 

An enjoyable problem (104.B) from the latest Mathematical Gazette: A regular 7-gon is inscribed in the unit circle, with one vertex at (1,0). Find the equations of the two parabolas, symmetric across the x-axis, which pass through the vertices of the heptagon as shown.

I'm quite happy with prometheus + mysqld_exporter and possibly grafana for more convenient graphing. If rrdtool is a tavern, the above stack is a village. If rrdtool is a blacksmith a prometheus stack is a factory. It's multiple generations beyond rrdtool.


If your spacecraft uses fusion or some other nuclear engine, you want as much space as possible between your engine and the crew. Project Orion's designs give a nice idea, and these further have shock absorber thingsies.

The other radiation problem is coming from everywhere, and lots extra from the sun. We don't know about a good way to hold off charged particles, but it's worse with neutrons. Matter shields. Like, lots of water. In all directions around the crew.


Estimating untested infections. Now there's a publication in Nature about an idea I first learned from @ColinTheMathmo.



covid-19, uk, the numbers 

covid-19, uk, the numbers 

covid-19, uk, the numbers 

covid-19, uk, the numbers 

covid-19, uk, the numbers 

Thank you, @efz1005!

That's quite a powerful operation, and unlike anything I know from type-safe languages. And I tried to guess what it does %-)


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