John Horton Conway changed the meaning of Life for many of us. He invented surreal numbers, found simple groups - important missing pieces in their classification, wrote a captivating book about quadratic forms, and traded many more cool discoveries for small bits of his hygiene. Thanks to him I'll never forget about the bricks of princeton! I'm sorry that he couldn't live to see the full uncovering of the meaning of the monster group, which will probably take many more decades, if we're lucky.


Folks, get Siobhan Roberts' book "Genius At Play" to learn more about his life, and about his many other results, in game theory, and his work with Martin Gardner, Elwyn Berlekamp and Richard Guy... Invented notations for polyhedra, worked on octonions and number theory, and even published on free will. As he had to, I must end somewhere, but his work lives on! Farewell!

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