@cathal it reminds me a lot about #plan9 #acme or #planB without the network / virtual filesystem stuff.

It's based on lua and the love game engine, which is a crazy interesting use of a game engine. I wonder if copy / paste works ?

@mathuin If you've never worked with Löve it's worth a look, it's very comprehensive and attractively straightforward.. for games anyway. I have considered it for nongamey GUIs before but never followed through because they don't compile it with the Lua FFI module, so writing an app in Rust+Love seems difficult..

@cathal good to know ! I want to try and run it on #OpenBSD, but there seems to be no #luarocks package, so I'll have to see if I can build that first.

@mathuin So uhhh, the maker of that amazing data-flow-spread-shelll is actually on the Fediverse: hello @hisham_hm !
I'm preparing to fail at installing this thing right now, it looks amazing. Great work, I'm enjoying your slides now also.

@cathal @mathuin Thank you! The spreadsheet and shell modules are meant to be just the beginning :)


So I wrote a Dockerfile to have a look, but the build fails with lots of 'unstable library feature' errors from rustc. I don't have rustup, is that what I'd need?

@hisham_hm @cathal @mathuin


I'm the one who sent you a merge request for it via github. Feel free to send comments or insults via mastodon.


Anyone else interested in a Dockerfile, get it here:


@cathal @mathuin

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