req is a text snippet router: given a string, say from your X11 cut buffer, it will classify and extract information contents, and merge that with context information. You write rule files ("ports") in awk to match against this data and to generate a menu of available shell commands.

For @dredmorbius . Feel free to bug me about anything.


I'm not sure if you asked for this, @dredmorbius, but in our short chat about surf I had mentioned that I have this something in awk, which eats urls, filenames, search words, ... all kinds of text snippets to do something with them. Also record them in a history file.

It is similar to plumber, but more flexible, and easily scales to hundreds of rules. You'd want to customize it a lot by writing awk files, so the audience is somewhat limited. I think there might be a high chance you'll love it.

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