Unauthorised aftermarket modification of the Kabbalah


I was wondering if there was a way to maximise the hexagonal symmetry of the Tree of Life and I kinda like this variant.

start with the variant where you have Da'at and not Keter, which I justify by assigning Keter the number 0 (because C is obviously one of the divine languages), with that done you're free to just push Chokmah and Binah off to the side.

Chokmah (unity), Binah (duality) and Malkut (matter/time) then stand out as fundamental anchor points.

Then we have a nice hex colour wheel in the middle. I picked primary colours for the three anchors: red for Malkut for blood/earth, also because it's the lowest energy colour. Yellow for the light of Chokmah, blue for the sky/void/space of Binah. That gives us both a wheel, and two interlocking primary/secondary triads. The colours feel roughly correct to me too.

I'm curious as to whether this configuration turns up anywhere in the literature.


I have never seen anything like it, @natecull. Intriguing...

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