This one is about as big as it can get. If you try and pull apart empty space further than that, the microcosm inside will quickly snap back to mu set shape, after which the gap closes quickly with a hiss and emitting lo-fi phonons. They aren't stable, and this one will persist for roughly five years, and collapse on... Friday, April 7th... around 21:43 UTC... and nine seconds.

It's December again, so I allow myself to spend time finding pictures of the Mandelbrot set. Here's a beautiful example I posted to diaspora:

And I like to mock Mandelbrot experts by posting examples like this bad pun questioning period doubling wisdom:

Or this illusive "Mandelbrot with holes" featuring unexpected shapes made of pure trickery and vileness:

I wanted stripes, but it's difficult to obtain a striped palette by pressing "p" in XaoS. So I went for binary decomposition. Fading from black&white via gray to white&black is what this picture aims to show off. It yields a kind of 3d look.

made wielding

Sometimes there's a dominant structure turning out too strong. Try burying it in a noise colored Flokati. Nevermind that the wool will find its way all over the place.

Pure as knitted by my old friend .

The seahorse's tail, ubiquitous in its home valley, well deserves the highlight and its own five minutes of fame. What is value, after all?

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