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These nice folks have engaged with me, most likely on a maths topic. Simply starting to follow me, or reacting on followfriday posts counts just as well.


Y'all are so cool! Thank you!

In 1299 an edict was issued in Florence forbidding bankers to use Arabic numerals, and Roman numerals are still widely used especially for ceremonial purposes.70 Continued use of Newton’s notation by English mathematicians throughout the eighteenth century, and even by many English writers on mechanics today, while the French and German mathematicians usually employed that of Leibnitz, created a barrier between English and Continental mathematics....

-- Bernhard J Stern

Sad news from Berkeley (blog.computationalcomplexity.o): Elwyn Berlekamp has died. Berlekamp made significant contributions to combinatorial game theory (motivated, as I understand it, by the mathematical study of Go endgames), coding theory, and algorithms for polynomials. See also the Wikipedia article about him,

So, gets hit with false takedown notices for 'terrorist material' from the EU. notes it's impossible / hard to respond within the required timeframe (1 hour notice).

#EU #Terrorism #TakedownNotices

I have a #digital #art #exhibition soon in #London !

- #raytracing in curved space
- badly-played #tetris
- generative #techno
- audiovisual sliding tile #puzzle
- #interactive graph-directed IFS
- zooming hybrid #fractals

Opening 11th April 2019 6pm, until 27th April, at Chalton Gallery,
96 Chalton Street, Camden, London NW1 1HJ, UK. Check website for times.

Curated by @netzzz .

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

weird: you can search for number-only hashtags, but you can't post them

@RefurioAnachro @bhaugen @staltz It's harder than that. SSB as a protocol is built on the assumption that the feed is an append-only log, and when you fetch/update it, you get the older messages first, because messages are signed in a chain to ensure unforgeability. — @staltz

@RefurioAnachro Here's the problem: dog whistles.

"cultural marxism" is one of those, along with the "SJW madness". Those are statements used by right-wing extremists to communicate that they are, while maintaining a semblance of deniability.

In isolation, it might be coincidence. But he's hitting a couple.

But I'm not really interested in whether he's this extremist. Even if all of this is bad luck and joking, I find it in incredibly bad taste.

Periodic billiard paths:

If the boundary of a given polygon is made of mirrors, these are paths that a laser beam could take that would eventually reflect back to the starting point and angle and then repeat infinitely. It remains a heavily-studied open question whether such paths exist in every triangle. This blog post from 2014 provides a proof that they do exist in polygons whose vertex angles are all rational multiples of π.

@RefurioAnachro @bhaugen @staltz There are two parts: the downloading of data, and the building of database indexes. The second part lasts longer than the first part, and just uses CPU.
And reminder: I acknowledge (@staltz) that these are heavy costs, I'm working on solving it, but it's a challenge that relates to the whole SSB stack.

We will change the mail server of because privacy issues.

We are current using SendGrid, but SendGrid has include user tracking system.
We will change to Amazon SES soon.

@aral @Gargron
Could you look at this thread re; (my home instance) rewriting and redirecting URLs in email notifications?


@RefurioAnachro @kibousoft

Why are links in notifications rewritten to point to, @kibousoft ? Was there a discussion I missed?

Thanks for pointing me into the right direction, @FiXato , now I feel somewhat stupid :)

@RefurioAnachro @manyver_se @staltz

> Don't follow bob.

Sorry about that. Could become a meme?

I just lost my trust in It converts links from posts into tracking links in some user's email notifications. It does it for me, and I have a gmail account. One hotmail user reported it's not happening for him.

I asked around about it, and I have called out for the @kibousoft , but they won't respond. Here's the thread:

My social capital is with, so I'll likely end up quitting mastodon altogether.


There's not too much maths in it, but they do explain how and where to apply when it comes to eels.

Further, I really like Sean's picture of parallel parking a car as everyday example for a space. Which is secretly an example for a noncommutative differential geometry. As most of these are.

Electric eels like to hunt swimming backwards! They're weird. Let's model eels using differential geometry...

Sean Carroll's Mindscape – Episode 39 – Malcolm MacIver on Sensing, Consciousness, and Imagination

@ccppurcell I'm going to guess Heidi Burgiel. She's mentioned in some 287 articles, mostly as a co-author of _The Symmetries of Things_ in articles about polyhedra and polytopes. The other two authors of the book both have articles.

I can't think of a better way of distributing the code we use to add #LaTeX to, so I've made a GitHub gist containing a patch file:
It also includes a patch to add the automatic replacement of some LaTeX #math commands with #unicode equivalents inside the toot compose box, which is more convenient when you don't need "proper" LaTeX typesetting.

math: (sobbing) please.. i have a family.... parameterized by n arbitrary constants c_1, ..., c_n replaces links in notifications by tracking urls.

Have you heard anything about this, @dredmorbius ? I'm sorry to tag you directly, but I'm somewhat desparate that I couldn't find anyone who cares. Am I being censored? I'd rather prefer to learn that it's just me: that I'm doing it wrong.

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