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your blood moon name is the name of the fluid in your arteries and the name of your favorite natural satellite of Earth

really enjoying listening to #NBtT but kind of disappointed that the next guest is mike cernovich

tfw mufos understand your humor better than these IRL idiot morons >:(

basically god is shaggy and jesus is scooby doo,

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new england? what was wrong with the old one

I'm more of a hockey guy but i can relate to the nfl ppl in that i too hate a team from Boston

Tomorrow the Washington Post will run a smear article against AOC and the focal point of it will be her saying that N64 was the best console

i wonder how many ace attorneys there are in real life

Americans don't have accents. We just speak correctly

When i get a dog it'll be like "ayoooo, it me, yo pup"

@dankwraith And they said Mastodon doesn't talk about the current US administration enough

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