Day 343

1) Having a warm room
2) Thinking about The New Project
3) Veggie Italian meatballs (noms)

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Day 342

1) Home and cats
2) Returning to the NL soon
3) Have seen soooo many weird rainbows over the last week-or-so - complete arcs, shimmers, clouds. Love them all!

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Day 341

1) The Netherlands
2) Almost on home straight of The Trek
4) Seeing the cats soon :blobcatmelt:

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Day 340

1) Ate some Edam in Edam
2) Saw my first panopticon prison
3) Through the kindness of strangers, randomly made a contact relating to next project!

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Day 339

1) Saw Sinterklaas IRL (zonder Zwarte Pete, dank hemelen... Guess where I am)
2) Sky FM has been playing since we arrived - Christmas songs only
3) Very excited to see on farmland: LITTLE HORSES, 3 emus, and first ever black swan

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Day 338

1) Stages 2 and 3 of trek complete
2) First time playing Bananagrams (firm recommend)
3) Saw a whole lotta sea

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Day 337

1) Favourite house/cat sitters ensconced
2) BBC Sounds
3) Stage 1 of trek completed

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Tis the season for Caylpso to climb the tree and then scream at everyone that she's stuck.

#Caturday #FestiveSeason

Are you looking for some unique Christmas presents right now? Do you want to support independent artists on the Fediverse?

Search for this hashtag:

➡️ #FediGiftShop

It's being used by indie artists on here who have works for sale that are suitable as gifts :blobcatpresentpink:

(Thank you to @Curator for highlighting this tag!)

#Christmas #Xmas #MerryXmas #MerryChristmas #Fediverse

Day 336

1) Almighty lie-in
2) Sewed seams on 2 loveeelllyy jumpers that I've been putting off for 2 years (took 30 mins 🙄)
3) Writing Dutch emails and needing to use Google far less

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Day 335

1) Not tweeting about 3GoodThongs
2) Eating own weight in Christmas chocolate already
3) Online book launch for The World, organised by excellent eds @wess and @rhiannongrant

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Day 334

1) Dismantled first piece of furniture for the move
2) Heard how ridiculous a pug's bark is
3) Christmas lights in a lovely small Shropshire town

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Day 333

1) Completed all today's work tasks by lunchtime (!)
2) Tantalising research find
3) Having the time to actually cook, rather than an shovenable meal.

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Hold the front page!

The Society for the Social History of Medicine is running a Chat Hour on the bird site - 1 Dec, 16:30 GMT.

Want to know how the Roy Porter Prize or article submissions work? Find us at @SSHMedicine, where myself
and @Flurin_Condrau will be on hand for Q&As.

Want to ask a question ahead of time? Reply or use the hashtag , either here or on the other place -- we'll find you!

Day 332

1) Pre-Christmas chocolates totally the highlight of my day :)
2) Working towards cutting ourselves some slack -- is it the end of the world of you don't do that thing?
3) Calm pools of quiet in the day

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(You may have noticed from my previous post that I managed to find more papers sort through 🙄)

Day 331

1) Progressing with sorting through everything
2) Found the undergrad essay that paved the way to being a historian of psychiatry and MH
3) Rediscovered old archival photocopies that are very useful to an article in the pipeline

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Day 330

1) Rediscovering my 1st self-designed module from aeons ago and being happy to use it again now
2) Having an article accepted with no reviewer 2
3) The task of emptying the house of pointless paper and paperwork is complete!

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