This has got to stop. All government officials need to be prosecuted for public endangerment if they are hiding any citizen infections & death reports in America. Governor's Back-To-Business Zeal Leaves Public Less Informed, Less Safe ... via @YouTube

"You never quit on America and you deserve a President who will never quit on you. "

Honesty is refreshing, even if it is hard news to take. LIVE: New York Governor Cuomo delivers update on coronavirus via @YouTube

@stux My cat knows today is #caturday. She decided to come to bed just after midnight local time and woke me by walking on me. Then she woke me again for breakfast when she decided it was time. "Look, this is my day of the week. Ok, that's every day. But especially today."

@stux Here is a #Caturday kitty cleaning himself, getting pretty for a night of lounging and sleeping, then eating, and then more lounging and sleeping.

Everyone should watch this, and share with a potentially dangerous Fox News watcher,
Top 5 Stories in Politics: May 1, 2020 - May 8, 2020 | NowThis via @YouTube

Brilliant. A look at how misinformed the 'Stable Genious' that brags he knows more than experts,
is surprised by common knowledge, shown trying to deflect from his ignorance.
Trump on All the Things ‘Nobody Knew’ | NowThis via @YouTube

This is exactly the type of case that could have benefited from the activation of the Defense Production Act.

When the Select Committee on the COVID-19 Disaster gets underway next year in the Biden administration, all of these deadly missteps will come to light. And the former AG Barr won't be able to cover it up. #VoteBlue

In the early days of the pandemic, the U.S. government turned down an offer to manufacture millions of N95 masks in America:

The jungle, by Upton Sinclair was read by me in community college for history class in the 1980s. It left impression on me since then. With what is happening with the meatpacking plants and the lack of protection for workers reminded me of this book. Read it. It’s fiction but it’s based on events that happened to immigrants in the 1900s when our country was becoming industrialized. We cannot go back to where workers have no protection. We are putting meat above the lives of fellow Americans.

Florida will not let allow the release of the true numbers of Covid-19 deaths. They are hiding the truth to make it look rosier than it is. Who does that help?, not the people of Florida but helps Trump look a little better. He stinks to high heaven and nothing will make him smell better. Send him (Trump) packing in November

Congratulations to the winners of the Ohio primaries.

Also, voting by mail works. The majority of voters support it and trust it.

See my pinned :toot: about how to advocate for it in your state and on the federal level. #WednesdayMotivation #votebymail

The Week: Joe Biden wins Ohio Primary and So Does Mail-In Voting:

Physicians don’t think it’s safe for people to gather in DC, just like everywhere else with a lot of potential for COVID spread.

But leave it to Mitch McConnell to risk it to try and confirm a couple of unqualified Trump nominees. #voteblue

The COVID-19 pandemic is no joke. But science shows that laughter gives your body a break from stress. So, let’s do it: Laugh together, while we …stay apart. #ItsNojoke

COVID IS NO JOKE virtual comedy fest will be a night of levity, laughter and community in support of frontline health workers, the real heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Friday May 1st, 8pm EST

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