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What do you get when you cross and illiterate ignoranus with a malignant narcissist who was illegally installed into the People's House?
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What do you get when you cross an illiterate incompetent ignoranus with a malignant narcissist who was illegally installed into the People's House?
He has failed US at every level & continues to do so
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@IronMan2020 I voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary and general, and busted my ass to volunteer for her (as I’m sure you did too). I will do it all again to help our 2020 nominee.

@IronMan2020 @Gargron Why is this even a thing? If we block someone, we obviously don't want to interact or be tagged/mentioned by them. So why is a bot giving block alerts?

'Change In Tone' From Trump As White House Announces New Coronavirus Gui... youtu.be/1VGAkuldbCY via @YouTube

@IronMan2020 Yup. Me too. But then, I don't want America destroyed.


Thank you.

Really proud to be a part of the your platform and my decision to encourage people to join and support it financially.


Unless this gets overturned, Ohio will have it's primary on Tuesday as scheduled.

Hopefully, a lot of people voted absentee with the extra time.

Go in off peak times and follow CDC guidelines if it does go tomorrow.

Court denies Ohio governor's request to delay Tuesday's primary until June due to coronavirus - CNNPolitics


Lost in the news but important

#VoteBlue #WhoeverTheDemocratIs2020
Former Judge Resigns From the Supreme Court Bar in a Letter to John Roberts

The letter describes why he's lost faith in the Supreme Court.


A wise leader is able to see, adopt, and implement that which will benefit the people. They have no requirement for everything to originate with them.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that he was adopting plans from Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) campaigns.


"Daily Kos: The Families First Coronavirus Response Act funds paid sick leave, testing, food security & more. Tell the Senate to pass it NOW 1-888-511-8714"

Why would anyone vote for Louis Gohmert? Why?

At least after both voting against the relief bill and now holding it up.


No sense letting a national emergency and worldwide crisis go to waste when you can take advantage of the opportunity to make Trump's crimes go away.

No arguing.


I've been trying to binge fun silly stuff between keeping up with the news, yet the end of tonight's movie left me both laughing& crying at the end.

"Oh you don't talk? Get the hell out of my scene& get me Jay."

Wisconsin voters: You can request an absentee/mail ballot for your primary here by April 2: myvote.wi.gov/en-us/

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said they still plan on holding primary elections on April 7, despite the continued spread of the coronavirus. They are, however, urging voters to cast absentee ballots in order to avoid large crowds on Election Day.

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