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I am a woman.

I'm Pro-Choice.

I believe in science, which says fetuses aren't considered medically alive.

I respect the dignity & protection of a woman's right to choose.

I know abortion doesn't "kill" a "life" because a fetus isn't considered medically alive.

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Should Slave traitor Statues come down?

Should Confederate Statutes and Monuments come down?

1.) Yes, Statues and Monuments honoring traitors of America have no business being up.

2.) No, it's our History. If we don't have thi g up to remember our History "We are doomed to repeat it".

Should the Confederate Flag be banned:

Should the Confederate Flag be allowed to be flown in Confed Graveyards?

Should an individual be allowed to fly the Confederate Flag on their property (House, Yard, Cars) and be allowed to wear clothing with the Confederate Flag on it?

Which one are you?

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