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My New Yuri Harem Comic:

Empress of Veils Episode 1 is now up in its ENTIRETY!

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Well I think I'll put Azure Ink back out there. I -think- the current edit is far superior in terms of clarity.

Me: Which flavour, which flavour... I choose... You!
Ice cream man: You tell the exact same joke every time, it doesn't get funnier...

For those who don't follow my other account here is Anime Assault Starlight. I am REAL tired.

I hope I get feedback on that Lesbian Yakuza thing I'm working on. I just really REALLY want someone to read it.

Is it any good? WHO KNOWS?!? I just wrote it in a single sitting. I dunno I had to get something down.

Well GOOD news @slightlyflightyone I already DID write that story or at least the first chapter of that Lesbian Yakuza story. so... you're welcome I guess? I'm still thinking about continuing it.

So if I wrote a short story about lesbian yakuza would any of ya'll actually wanna read it?

@scarlett Though just "LesCom" sounds badass.

Like a lesbian XCOM.

So more like "LesCom - SoPo squad"?

Anime Assault episodes are typically restricted to series that are a year old or more but...

The reason pocket computers never caught on is because women’s clothing doesn’t have pockets.

When you take time to go back and reboost other people's toots

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