@RaccoonWillie I prefer The Chain... but both tracks rock, beh beh 🏆. .. and I'll say it again - you have a great music taste (cose you listen to the same music as me lol 😂)


@RaccoonWillie 😂 😂 Ohhh babe, with or without your 13 followers, you're still a rock star here! 🌟 🎸 😎

#AmericanBoy #CoonBot #Friday13

Anybody ever seen this weird movie called "The Lovely Bones"?

The closing credits at the end last nearly 30 minutes, wtf.

When your voice isn't high enough 😂 People are so fcked up... omg...
#funny #fail

@RaccoonWillie didn't read the tweet. But I boost in anyway. Loyalty u know 😏

I'd have to say the creep factor on the porn posted to everyday could easily reach 9.5 on a scale of 10.

Carps swimming in a bathtub 🐟🛁 in the middle of a supermaket 🍇🍞 are definately one of the weirdest things to see in Poland before Christmas 🇵🇱🎄🎁 and so barbaric... #poland #food #christmas #fridayfeeling

🎶 Chopin Nocturnes 🎶 🇵🇱 François Chaplin, piano 🎹

Always thinking about that song during the snowy winter , when I'm in the car / Alanis Morissette - Ironic ❄️ 🚗 ☃️ youtu.be/Jne9t8sHpUc

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