Riff raff will be performing in my hometown tonight.

What is it with guys who shout things as they drive by you? I was out walking just now in a pretty quiet town and 4 guys drove by me and shouted "faggot". So I shouted back at them saying the same thing plus a few other colourful words and told them to get out of the car, then one guy replied "yo, I'll fuck you up" so I stood there waiting as the car turned around and as they slowly drove by they kept shouting and not one of them had the balls to actually step outside their car and confront me

It was cool that Die antwoord played themselves in the film "Chappie"

Life is so nice, so exciting. I used to have a sense of a shortened future. but that has left now..I only focus on what can be

my poor sleep cycle, ive messed it up royally. I would love a good night sleep that didnt begin @ 5 am a struggling 5 am

I often wonder if there is a god named synchron. The god of synchronicity. I believe he lives vicariously through each one of us and wants to experience new things.

youtube.com/watch?v=HNq4pmLE01..... Michael crawford as the phantom of the opera...gorgeous display of talent.

had chinese food. terribly dehydrated..will probably have to watch sodium intake for a year now

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I saw a request to block whole instances because they speak a different language. I say why not get some translation api like google translate or bing so that other languages could be translated?
Let's connect people like the social network that we are and not separate them :D
I had a conversation with a japanese person earlier today using google translate and it was awesome haha

My mom made a beautiful pot roast dinner..with one loud crash and a boat load of cursing it's now my dogs dinner and we're ordering out!! We all had a good laugh and looked on the bright side of things..nobody was hurt, no dishes were broken and now the floor smells delicious!

someone from class had a 1plus phone...me want bad now.

I don't normally play videogames but when I do, it's for 9 hours straight.

Want to go for nap after school. But brain needs mastodon stimulation...

Tomorrow=pick up art supplies day. my instagram will be fluhhh ded on monday with artful goodness

Tried tor browser for first time. Surprised that hitmen and drug dealers weren't making me offers from the getgo...despite what i've heard. Seems normal!

Never cared much for andy warhol's work. Listening to art critic (who happens to be a nun) explain in positive detail/understanding has changed my mind. youtube.com/watch?v=v3sPATJc7r

I just realized that isabella rosellini was in the film blue velvet I had a "oh thats were seen you before moment". It was refreshing since I havent had that feeling in a while.

Just realized that I posted over 100 times. YAY team cloud!!!

I wish I spoke Japanese, apparently it's all the rage here on mastadon.

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