Concentration camps in China 

@darius What's up, I'm looking for a new mastodon instance (I don't know/trust the admin here). Does friend camp take applicants? :)

i'm going to help host another unconference, 23-24 Nov, here in Malmö if anyone is in the neighbourhood

the theme:
What does tech look like on a finite, post-climate change earth?

an initiative by Zenna Fiscella and Edgeryders

@darius hi! Can me and 2 others fit in the restaurant tomorrow or is it too late? :)

Is this some visual bug, or is basically no one starring popular toots (compared to RTs)?

cars suck so bad that we literally planned all modern cities around them and they're still inefficient nightmare machines

Presenting Mygel, the restaurant making the food for the event!

They work with food, urban gardening and experiments for regenerative food culture where ecological and locally sourced vegetables are one of several important components.

Restaurang Mygel is run by Claudia, Lina, and Karin and they open officially May 2019.

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Our second speaker is Mathias Buus a.k.a. mafintosh!

He's protocol lead at and he's going to talk about exploring the p2p web and what exploring the p2p web is going to feel like in practice

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Our first speaker on Saturday is Zenna Fiscella!

She's an anarchist maker from Malmö and she's going to talk about Scuttlebutt and how it can be transformative for society, decentralizing and enabling local community development free of big corps

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honestly robotic cranes stacking and unstacking useless concrete weights for all eternity is the surreal dieselpunk energy storage solution earth deserves

Wow, the federated timeline is officially past the stage where I can comfortably scroll faster than it.

Is there a browser addon for putting toots through google translate? Would really help 😁

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