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14 States, 1 Territory, and Democrats abroad will be voting!
40 percent of Americans can vote on Super Tuesday!

Make sure you and everyone you know is SuperReady to SuperVote! app.speechifai.tech/s/rkq0E8vS

The billionaires are attempting a hostile takeover of Twitter. Paul Singer is purchasing a large stake in the company & is not making any bones about wanting to oust @Jack Dorsey.

In 2019 he donated $4.5 million to GOP candidates, the RNC & super PACs.

@Thunderbirds511 Seriously! The GOP has become a soulless criminal enterprise. Trump, his administration, the GOP Congressional leadership and even conservative judges are committing treason and unaccountable. If the American people can't come together and vote them out, we're in for a rough ride. More than that, we need leadership with the backbone to throw these crooks in prison and ensure that they cannot come back in eight years.

The GOP are a bunch of spineless cowards letting trump run over them shamelessly. The attacks on witnesses is a shameful display of school yard bullying. IT will put a damper on future whistle-blowers.

Trump wants to retaliate against Lt. Col. Vindman for responding to a Congressional subpoena. 

A POTUS can hire and fire who they want, but his need to slander truthtellers, disparage and lie about their service, and endanger them and their families is beyond unethical.

This is just a ruse to try to make himself appear like he cares. He cares for nobody but himself.

@StephenStrange @SteveRogers

I know they don’t have a jail, but they can get creative! How about putting him in a broom closet with the sargeant-at-arms standing guard?


They all have to go. Do something positive!

If everyone of us registers 10 new voters, we can do this!

We can outnumber them! If we vote in large enough numbers, we can !

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@Porpentina2017 Absolutely! Spread the word to people to get on their phones tomorrow morning ASAP.

‪Time to call your Representative! 202-224-3121‬

‪It is time for the House to use it’s oversight capacity & root out the corruption from stem to stern. ‬

‪Everyone involved in this should be hauled in front of Congress!‬



They are using old Nazi techniques. Create an “other” and let the masses hate them. Make them militant using their anger toward the “other” and viola!

Watched the movie Cabaret a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how much there are parallels (excellent movie by the way and the political messaging is very pertinent today).

@IronMan @MrScottLads2

Trump's wall isn't meant to deter anyone.  It's meant to amp up hatred for anyone who isn't white.

It will go down in history as a colossus of a money-wasting political stunt and a massive grift.

Ladders, battery-powered saws, and wind can overcome it.  But "Rubes for Trump" will still declare victory because they got to spend money on scrap steel instead of "soshulist" medical care for people.

Vote for Democrats.

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