Kyle Rittenhosue has been a guest of honor at quite a few GOP campaign events leading up to the midterm elections. A significant number of GOP elected officials have already proven that this is the norm for them, not just Trump.

Trump knows exactly who these people are. There are many members of the Republican Party that have enabled Trump and continue to do so. They’ve had numerous opportunities to stand up to him and stop him but have refused to do so. And the white supremacist
elements of the Republican Party and their supporters see this and have become greatly energized by it, so much so that the threats of political violence are now everyday worries for our country. That’s a threat to the survival of the country.

They’re not better than this.

‘F---ing nightmare’: Trump team does damage control after he dines with Ye and white supremacist Nick Fuentes-


@TonyStark The only difference I see between the GOP of old (post Reagan) and now? They’re saying the quiet part out loud. They’re now dealing in the politics of every single “ism” out there. They’re desperately trying to create the “other” for vilification. They no longer govern, they only incite violence & pump up the rhetoric to whip their “base” into a frothing frenzy. So many don’t see it this way and that’s a real danger.

@Porpentina2017 @TonyStark

Before Trump, there was a significant faction of the Republican Party who were fiscal conservatives, and who felt that too much government would stifle economic opportunity for all. 1/2

@Porpentina2017 @TonyStark

Trump proved that he could gain a plurality by legitimizing the motives of those who feared change or felt their white entitlement was slipping away. In 2016, most of the well intended R’s, just held noses and voted for him, thinking ‘how bad could it be?”. We found out: our worst nightmare. 2/2

@BobVezeau @Porpentina2017 @TonyStark
The Trump phenomena made me question the sincerity of those fiscal conservatives. Was there concern truly for economic opportunity or were that just a pretext (knowingly or otherwise) for supporting oligarchy?

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