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I was with Warren.

I am now for Biden. We exist.

That said, we all must commit to whoever wins the primary. Period.

In the meantime, I am working to get Joe Biden elected as the Democratic nominee.

@IronMan2020 “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” — attributed to W.C. Fields

Trump spent $120 million of taxpayer money for his golf vacations at Mar-a-Lago property (essentially putting the money in his pocket.)

His kids also spend millions in taxpayer money golfing and global traveling for their business and raising money for daddy while GOUGING the Secret Service and taxpayers. It's the worst Presidential financial scam in the history of the White House.

Everyone needs to vote the GOP into oblivion in unison.

Kirsten Gillibrand's departure only didn't break our hearts because we still had her three colleagues in the race. In any other year, her exit would have. And in any other year, we'd have been excited to vote for Amy Klobuchar. This year was an embarrassment of riches. I hope we see the likes of such a talented class of female candidates in every cycle without an incumbent Democratic president from now on (and when will one finally win?).

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are not identical, interchangeable people.


In the off chance there are activists on Mastodon.

Are you ready to make change through action? Find out how you can help support gun sense candidates this election season!

Join us on March 21 at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Allison Park from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm for our Election Kick-off meeting and hear how you can help elect gun sense candidates in 2020.

Keeping and expanding our Democratic House majority is as important as everything else.

Joe Biden will end up winning Maine. Sanders won it in a caucus in 2016.

Exit polls there showed Maine voters heavily favoring Medicare for All. But the majority don't trust Bernie to get it done.

You need a something close to a fully Democratic Senate and House and some ability to coalition-build to accomplish these things. Senator Sanders hasn't shown enough people that he's capable of that.

Who can knock Steve Daines out of his Montana Senate seat in 2020?

Steve Bullock.

Our opportunities to flip the Senate blue just went up. #SteveBullock #BlueWave2020 #FlipTheSenateBlue #MTSEN #politics

Steve Bullock Is Poised to Run for Senate in Montana, Officials Say:
Steve Bullock Is Poised to Run for Senate in Montana, Officials Say

@IronMan2020 Even though I still(for the moment) have a :birdsite: account, I do not post content from it over here& refuse to boost links back to that place from others. Sorry to anyone that offends or upsets, but that's my new policy.
Because directing people BACK to the :birdsite: is NOT moving us forward or helping us start over on this new site.

Huh. Does Roberts have any thoughts or condemations regarding Trump's repeated attacks on "liberal" justices, the GOP's death watch & mocking of RBG's health issues or Trump's demand that Ginsburg and Sotomayor recuse themselves? This is crap.

NYTimes: John Roberts Condemns Schumer for Saying Justices ‘Will Pay the Price’ for ‘Awful Decisions’

Roberts - silent when McConnell prevented the Senate from taking up Merrick Garland’s nomination. 

Roberts - silent when McConnell eliminated the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. 

Roberts - silent when Kavanaugh attacked Democrats during the hearing on his nomination. 

Roberts - silent when McConnell ensured the Senate would not hear from witnesses during the Trump impeachment trial. 

Roberts - silent when Trump attacks the judiciary. 

But now Roberts finds his voice? 

These guys can't even get it together to stop a virus.

The two NO votes on the coronavirus supplemental $$ bill: GOP Reps Buck and Biggs -

Good Morning Fellow Resisters
Florida Early Voting is Saturday March 7 - Sunday(optional but scheduled) March 15

People like Stacy Abrams have the right idea. It's about voter suppression. It's about building a movement of inclusivity, not blackmailing or bullying people for your vote.

I made it here. Plz be patient as I don't learn new tech very quickly thx to my TBI but I'm grateful to have a resistance friendly platform to touch base w y'all on. I've been missing the Heroes, y'all taught me a LOT over the years😊

Glad writers like Klein speaking up as people who have learned over time about consequences.

As a supporter of many lost causes, I also know to compromise simply because half a loaf is always worth more than none at all. Not for me, but for people who need that half.

It would never have occurred to me to waste my vote on Ralph Nader in 2000, or in 2016 on Jill Stein or the guy who thought Aleppo was a dog food. I can't figure out why others did. And here we are.

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