So I got a 7 day suspension from twitter for using the hashtag in reference to Mitch McConnell. At any other point in time, I would say it was a MAGAT that reported me, but I did a lot of ragging on Bernie today - so it could have been one of his heavy duty berners. It incidentally came right after I challenged someone about voting blue no matter who, and their proud stein vote of 16. Twitter is getting really bad lately.

@lakesideliberal I hear that! As soon as I get my account back today - I'll be posting my info and hoping to bring along some people with me. I like the format here, the ability to write a longer post, and the other stuff. Twitter is getting too pro-trump, a LOT of my followers/follows are getting slammed more and more every day. I lost at least 20 followers a day to total suspension.

Very similar to what happened to a lot of accounts the last month or so, including mine.


Whether they do or just won't confront the obvious flaws of their algorithms makes little difference - in my opinion.


@PirateWench @CaptainAmerica2020 The ones that want you gone are the other side that is controlled by and trolled by russia and their unwitting companions the magats.

@PirateWench @CaptainAmerica2020 This is a cyberwar we are fighting and they are taking pot shots at us.

@CaptainAmerica2020 I'm more than happy to leave the platform, I like it here a lot better! I'm certainly not going to go back to facebook - too many ignorant magats over there!

As with me, it was probably the latter.

I was getting 4 times the amount of bro trolls and anti-vote blue no matter who/stay home because of Bernie/Stein defenders as I was MAGA trolls.

Although in the end, their goal is all the same: Trump reelection.

@IronMan2020 @PirateWench both groups are Russian sponsored in that they help antagonize them to do their work for them.

@Thunderbirds511 @IronMan2020 At this point, it's just a matter of time before people just leave the platform. The hassle isn't worth it anymore. Over and above that - the constant spamming of the idiot in the WH's tweets is annoying. It's tired of seeing his words boosted by people who supposedly are working to replace him.

@PirateWench me too, except I was permanently suspended after being mass reported by trolls, almost certain they were BernieOrBusters @OHenryHernandez

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