Italian Tenor Serenades Florence With Lovely Aria About Wanting To Marry A Very Murder-y Princess

MUST-SEE: Katie Porter gets CDC Director to allow FREE testing for all O... via @YouTube

FINALLY, the pain meds kicking in. See you guys in about 4-5 hours when the pain is back. LOL 😜

So... I have all the stitches out of my shoulder and arm. Itches like bitches. I called rehab facility in Ft Lauderdale and told them I was uncomfortable coming in there (sweat? NO THANK YOU!) after the last two weeks of therapy. My daughter who's been driving me everywhere has LUPUS and she doesn't need to be anywhere NEAR a hospital or sweaty (smelly too!) people. The ARGUED with me, telling me I need the therapy or I will have had the surgery in vain. OH PLEASE. I can lift weights on my own.

Conservative editor writes about Dear Leader, “ I realized the cost of a president having pissed away his authority these past three years, with his daily juvenile tweets and schoolyard rhetoric. “

Supreme Court Not Too Concerned About Coronavirus, Says Asylum-Seekers Can Just Stay In Cages In Mexico

Republicans Being Dicks About Coronavirus Sick Leave Bill, Imagine That

So I got a 7 day suspension from twitter for using the hashtag in reference to Mitch McConnell. At any other point in time, I would say it was a MAGAT that reported me, but I did a lot of ragging on Bernie today - so it could have been one of his heavy duty berners. It incidentally came right after I challenged someone about voting blue no matter who, and their proud stein vote of 16. Twitter is getting really bad lately.

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