Harley Rouda:
My opponent, who is supposed to oversee Orange County’s local coronavirus crisis response, asked TODAY if asymptomatic people can pass COVID-19 to others...

Orange County deserves leaders who listen to scientists over Donald Trump.

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Have you ever read the real story behind Matt Gaetz? It's quite... intriguing. intrepidreport.com/archives/18

Am I the only one? It's like time has no more meaning for me. My sleep cycles are totally screwed up. I was a night time delivery driver, so I would sleep 5am to 2/3pm, eat then work 4 -12 and spend 5ish hours writing or playing. Now? I'm sleeping 9-10 hours a day, and weird hours too. Like not going to sleep till 10am and waking up at 7 or 8 pm. I can't write, I can't do photography, I can't think most days. It's all some weird haze lately. Anyone else having problems like this?

I miss being on the beach at sunrise - this was one of the best mornings I'd ever had. My beach. My tree. My sunrise life.

#MarvelMoment of the day:

The Koenig brothers guarded secret SHIELD bases around the world, in isolation, from the Battle of New York(May 2012) until the Fall of the Triskelion.(Jan 2014)

The only outside contact they had for a year &a half was communications from Director Fury& playing COD online with each other.

Now tell me again how hard it is to follow a #stayathome directive for just a couple of months.

The networks knew this all along. It started at NBC’s The Apprentice with Jeff Zucker who now runs CNN. They’ve been protecting Burnett & Trump for a very long time!
"Mark Burnett Pursuing Vladimir Putin as the Next Reality TV Star"

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Just read this in the story in Newsweek about Mo. Ex Gov representing Jim Bakker in the lawsuit against him for selling silver liquid as a COVID19 cure: "He eventually returned to televangelism, with broadcasts in recent years frequently focused on selling supplements and "end times" products to viewers, including large buckets of "emergency" food like preserved broccoli with cheese sauce that Bakker has suggested could double as portable toilets after the buckets are emptied of food."
I can't.

@TheSpiderMan We’ve been taken hostage by an abusive megalomaniac. Not everyone in the country understands the depths of the wounds he causes, but there are enough of us who do that we can put a stop to it. We have to vote and get everyone on our side to vote as well. #voteblue

I'm selling my house in Fort Lauderdale and going to move in with my oldest daughter, who is my best friend. Instead of finding a nice house in Southern Florida - the biotch just bought a house in Gainsville Florida - 2 hours from the ocean. My heart is breaking. She told me she'll buy me a pony... Damn, I'm so conflicted.

Heya @stux - I was banned from Twitter, as "Piratewench" so that's why I am PirateWench_rp over there. It's an account I had started to write free form fiction with a group of role players online. It became my new account there when I was banned for calling Lehren a "trailer trash barbie". Apparently, that was a bridge too far for Jack, even though, Tomi is a bitch & idiot. It's all good. I'm finding friends here! <3

@Captain_America @IronMan @drstrange771 @Tenacious
Anyone pushing reopening too soon only cares about the effect on Trump's reelection.

It's utterly silly for them to claim they care about suicides. They're the death party.

There will be a significant period of recovery needed. There will be support needed for all Americans for quite some time in both economic ways and in mental health ways.

It would be far more useful for Republicans to care about that. But they don't and never will.

They want to skip over the "help the public" part and go straight to "help corporations."
@PepperPotts @Captain_America @Tenacious

I've spent the vast majority of the last three weeks sleeping. I'm having a hard time concentrating. I can't write. I've written the same chapter in my next book 18 times already. I keep re-writing it hoping it will make sense. I doesn't. I'm getting my character's attributes confused. If I hadn't have written a complete outline for each character three books ago, I'd be lost.

Italian Tenor Serenades Florence With Lovely Aria About Wanting To Marry A Very Murder-y Princess ift.tt/33iPA4Z

MUST-SEE: Katie Porter gets CDC Director to allow FREE testing for all O... youtu.be/O3djhMs8DjU via @YouTube

FINALLY, the pain meds kicking in. See you guys in about 4-5 hours when the pain is back. LOL 😜

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