“You Didn’t See That Coming?” 🇺🇸

Delta Covid variant is chicken-pox-level contagious. Please get vaccinated STAT.

Stop the bullets of hate and fear. Vote. I myself vote blue, for I see humaneness there and care for justice. Vote.org
Love Not Hate. Peace.

Please call your Senate Reps and tell them to support the so Joe can sign it into law!! 202-224-3121. Quick!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Valentine for 🇺🇸. Call your MOCs and ask them to protect liberty. 14th Amendment. Resistbot or call 202-224-3121.

Keep voting in ! And help these 2 fundraising campaigns:

Daniel Blackman for Georgia Public Service Commission:

Jon Ossoff/ Raphael Warnock for US Senate early vote fund : secure.actblue.com/donate/dec2

Throwback. Boy and the screen. When he laid on it, he made questions marks to infinity. 😂😍

My President and Vice President! Congratulations, on the Electoral College votes! The people have spoken! Joe and Kamala! 🇺🇸

Tigers can see the blue sky, and Christmas colors!!!

Tigers4Ever.org. Advent calendar on Twitter @Tigers4Ever2010 charity. Day 16!

Urge your senators to pass the ! It passed in the House!!

Let’s bring it home!!! Call your Senators. Share widely! We need everyone!! Support S. 2561.


Please support the to end the abuse and exploitation of tigers and big cats in the United States.

I’m thinking of the poster boy for this, the magnificent Tony Tiger, kept in, and died in, a cage at a truck stop in Louisiana. Please help🇺🇸

Captain Cal is doing great!! He survived the Zogg fire, after a close call, and has been moved to a new home at Columbus Zoo, from Oakland Zoo, along with the two sister rescues he’s bonded with!! They will get great care here. Go, Captain!

Here is the Columbus Zoo’s news release. They have since arrived safe and sound to their new home!! columbuszoo.org/home/about/pre

Once the is over, so my mouth and nose don’t have to be covered, I’m going for this look!

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