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I bet a bat is not even tasty, I imagine sour and hard meat.

Who eats a bat? Can this person be trusted to be alone?

Eat a fucking chicken like the rest of us you douchebag.

I wonder if the dude that ate the bat knows what he did.

My wife's period is not coming, but it's been so long since we had sex that I can't remember when we did it for the last time. I'm a pretty chilled out dude BUT I AIN'T FUCKING JOSEPH. I won't believe the bird theory even if the fucking child has feathers.

Netflix offers nice things in US because they are competing with Amazon Prime, etc. In South America they have no competition, so they send us the leftovers, like that fucking "How I met your mother" show and bullshit series like that. Go torrent

-How is your life going?
-Well, I'm in the friend zone WITH MY WIFE

In my country they are trying to bring the peoples' jury system, like a couple of common douchebags decide if somebody is guilty or not. That means that only poor people will go to jail.

Now listening - sounds of a cat trying to get laid or maybe a baby crying

My partner wants to go to the movies.
But in my shithole town morons go to the cinema to try and be smart.
And the films are so hideous that I feel insulted I have to pay to go thru the torture of watching Thor or whatever story they are ruining right now.
So, what have I ever done to make you to treat me so disrespectfully? What if we just watch a few minutes of some horrible Netflix series and then just embrace the fact that life was made for douchebags?

I've been failing so hard in my life this few weeks that I barely have time to be ignored in this social shit. Sorry.

I don't really believe in that "loser" shit. Life is not a competence, the are no winners or losers. There are only cool people and useless pieces of shit like me. So relax.

I've been failing so hard in my life that I didn't have time to toot. How exhausting it is to be a total loser.

Una vez conocí a un mexicano. Cuando le pregunté qué tal el tema de los narcos y las muertes en su país, como que le restó importancia. Me sorprendió, porque constantemente vemos noticias francamente siniestras de ahí.
Igual, dejé de hablarle cuando dijo que no conocía Brujería.

In Argentina, we call it "montoncito" and this is the way to do it. Yeah, sounds like "despacito" if you are a fucking douchebag. Even better.

Let's collect signatures or something to force the social media to introduce the icon of the hand gesture that the lady of the picture is doing. I believe my sanity and democracy depends on it.

I'm so stupid that my brain sometimes gets confused and all of the sudden I'm thinking that I'm so smart.

I'm building a very strong bot army in my followers list. I shall learn how to control them. The end is near.

The Google+ deal is a shame. As Google Reader, that was the most cool stuff ever done for messy internet surfers, mourned by maybe three guys in the whole virtual universe.
I'll never let go. You broke my heart, Google.

I like to recite the first scene of The Godfather too, in english, in a country where we speak in spanish. And very hardly too, there's a lot of grunting and hand gestures.
I know I'm a fucking douchebag.

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