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I don't have relationship problems because I don't have any friends.

En mi dni dice "incel" al lado de mi fecha de nacimiento.

No van a creer pero mi actividad sexual es tan nula que cada vez que sucede es exactamente igual a cuando perdí la virginidad, no pude avanzar nunca.

I believe Trump would love Mastodon and the 24/7 porn bots.

In my land, there's a saying that goes "We may have different opinions, but i will fight for the liberty of fucking suspend you of social media". We are all millennials, of course.

In my country we are so ignorant that astrology is a big thing right now. People here thinks bad things just happens and there's no responsibility to asume, as it all has to do with a fucking planet or something. Fucking morrons.

One of the last things i've heard was a Devin Townsend record. How carismatic, the dude delivers a very theatrical live performance. The music he makes is fucking shit, but fun to see.

Presidential debates are fucking boring and stupid in any country in the world.

My earphones broke a few days ago and suddenly I realized how awful my life is, so hard to keep going in this fucking miserable reality of mine. I need metal back in my life right now.

Wow, this is flooded with porn. What's the deal with incest tho, that's not healty. You're supposed to ignore or hate your family, not to fuck them, you filthy beast.

I could never find a worthy enemy. Nobody could ever hate me with the intensity of the way I hate myself. Well, maybe my mother, but family doesn't count.

Well, one hour after refusing the invitation to some tasty croissants in order to handle my frustration in a more elevated way, I ate a hole fucking pizza. But it's even worst: I'm talking about a southamerican pizza. Behold, please, all this hating.

By the way, since when do we know about all that spitting going on while we talk to each other? I feel that without the masks it's going to be like the scene of Ace Ventura and the chief of the tribe.

Love the face mask. Don't want anyone spitting on me in a conversation. We should keep wearing it after all this mess.

They're allowing to do exercise in the street? pssss please bitch, I'm a fat friendless bastard, I'm a born quarantine rider.

Se llenó de bots este tugurio. Y porno. Comparado con las otras redes sociales, este es el bar de mala muerte en las películas del lejano oeste donde solo suceden cosas turbias.

If the story is that somebody ate that cute animal named pangoli, i'll find you bitch like that old slow dude in the movie where his daughter was kidnapped.

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