As I suspected, toots from other instances aren't being federated with this one. User profiles are showing (non-reply) toots that do not appear in my home timeline.

Reddit's new 'design' has finally convinced me to just give it up.

Who would have thought the end would come thanks to shitty JavaScript and large images?

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Not gonna lie. I'm considering other instances.

If Amazon could crack down on the obviously identical Chinese products being sold under multiple brand names that would be really helpful

I ate three chicken salad sandwiches today and have no regrets whatsoever.

I ate three chicken salad sandwiches today and have no regrets whatsoever.

The cartoon I'm watching makes me reaaaaallly want to watch the original Dirty Pair again.

About to reveal my age here, but I started surfing the web using Netscape Navigator 3.0.

They were good times, they were happier times.

I'm watching golf.

Why am I watching golf? 🙄

It's now one of my favourite parts of the day: second lunch

A moment of silent please, for all those cool blogs that were last updated in 2013.

Oh good, Jim Gaffigan appeared to save the day.

It's kinda hard to watch That 70s Show nowadays knowing that Jackie actually shacked up with Kelso, and Hyde is an alleged predator.

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This morning was off to a great start and then I discovered that there was sugar in my coffee 🤢

I still get emails from people who think their TEDx is noteworthy.

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