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Turning off the WiFi INSTANTANEOUSLY turns my connection back to a usable state.
Fuck my sister really. She always thinks she's the only one in the world.
It's *impossible* to develop an app when a single SQL query takes 10 seconds...

Perhaps this Mastodon thing will be a good space for mini-blogging details about my music, production, etc. 500 chars is pretty darn good, plus the ability to upload media makes it even more immediate than Tumblr, Wordpress, etc.

Random Number of Today: 4

*guaranteed random*

An idea about why Mastodon is growing and it's users actually use it: the federated timeline keeps it from being a dead space. Even if your friends didn't come over it from birdsite, you can make new ones easily. Plus the community rocks.

My biggest tab by far is google inbox, with a whopping 124MB.

Is there any way for me to see only programming themed TOOTS?

So... is there a browser extension that will filter out toots based on a wordlist?

There are interesting people on here, but I'm not looking for another place full of politics.

I started self-hosting a Nextcloud instance for a few relatives last month and even though I followed pretty much every best practice, from adding a firewall up to installing intrusion detection software, I still feel kind of paranoid.

How someone can just spin up a VPS, install some software and expose that to the entire world without any kind of hardening is beyond me.

BTW: Mastodon needs a "Translate this" button on Toots ASAP.

@Penagwin so long as no one got there before you, you'd have a new mastodon account on a new server. It's like registering [email protected] and [email protected] -- you can own both. They function completely independently.

So what would happen if I try to register my handle on another instance?

I don't understand the hatred for electron.

I can make an application, and a wonderful UI, animations all included, with any nodejs api, and it works cross platform. :heart:

Oh man I still have this old Maly logo (from 2014 !)

Does anybody know if the server "caddy" offers a catch all for logs?