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For over a year, I've been posting daily updates on what I'm working on for Darklang in the darklang discord ( Going to start doing it here.

Thank you crypto markets for doing your part to close the gender wealth gap

Someone in a group called Twitter “$8chan” 🤣

I think much of my issue around the Content Warning culture on Mastodon, is the vocabulary. "Content Warning" has a very specific meaning in other contexts. Here, it is more like "Content Filter" or "Subject Line," to give readers a choice to expand or not.

This feels wrong, because of other contexts where majority folks have tried to express trauma or pain at even having to hear about the racism that impacted me. Feels very much like "Ban teaching civil rights, so white kids don't feel bad."

Lots of cool folks on the instance, thinking of migrating over there. Any risks or anything I should know before I try this?

Where are the and people on this thing? Would love suggestions of who to follow

The US left/right split has gotten real bad over the last decade, and a large part of the blame has landed on Facebook and Twitter.

And, um, both of these sites are dead or dying, right? So are people optimistic? Or is this too naive a view?

It seems to me that Twitter could have been built to be operated with a much smaller team, but for valid reasons, wasn't.

It's probably possible to change Twitter so you need far fewer people to run it. But you'd need plan and path to get there.

Firing everyone doesn't magically make the infra into something that can be run with far fewer people.

So there's just like no right wing people over here? This is kinda lovely

You know that story where the unhappy king swaps places with the jester? Maybe the real Elon peaced out six months ago and is living his best life shoveling shit in the stables and flirting with the milk maids

someone is doing something rotten with user data, right? i can think of no other action that would result in this.

Today, starting work on traces again. Inhaling the previous work ( and figuring out where to go from there

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Systemic racism and sexism in college sports 

Some of y'all know that I was part of a group that is working to end the financial exploitation of college athletes. One of the founders we funded co-sponsored the California Name, Image, and Likeness bill (NIL) that allows women college athletes like Olivia Dunn to make more money than football players.

We tried to tell folks before the bill came out: top women and non-binary athletes have as much earning potential from NIL as top men athletes.

Reading so many accounts of especially Black people being harassed on here to the point of leaving. And also the type of aversion there is to talking about it. SMH. Can’t we have anything that isn’t racist by default?

Over on the blue site, there's checkmarks everywhere now and the content attached to them is not interesting or notable. I used to use checkmarks to see what was notable that was happening and to avoid the noise, and now it's just all noise

CW verified badges on birdsite 

I still think we're underestimating how much the crazy billionaire's plan would involve verifying all IDs/i.e.removing anonymity writ large over there.

Here is why: Verified badges were started mainly to appease celebrities and brands. Celebrities, because they were the target of fake accounts, and brands because they wanted guarantees before they spent $.

But another group they needed to serve was (...drumroll...) people with the same names as celebrities.

We released rescript-tea, an implementation of The Elm Architecture for Rescript

This new feature from VSCode might be the most impactful piece of developer experience I've seen in my entire life

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