Well, I nearly broke my foot this weekend, but on the bright side I played a lot of Zelda and got into arena 9 on

Duolingo have announced their Japanese course! It’s going to be live in one month.


I’e set up an open Mastodon Club for anyone who wants to join and learn—or brush up—on their Japanese; to join Club Nihongo Mastodon, go to “Clubs” in the app navigation and enter the Club code *Q83EXU*.

To prepare, practise these hiragana flashcards with their tinycards app: goo.gl/v2rgkN.


where you will learn French, Japanese and at least three programming languages through osmosis

Regular expressions are like magic spells. I always have to look them up in a spellbook, and the people that know how to use them by heart are wizards.

I just finally paid for IntelliJ Ultimate and I can't wait to break this IDE in.

Happy Monday
I hope everyone has a positive start to their day. Don't rush through too much of the day, take time to slow down and appreciate the now.

@FerdiZ @ParanoidCoder That is what I would expect. My limited understanding of the server(s) (that's always fuzzy these days with virtualization, containers, and clouds) are that they're in an enterprise datacenter and should be plenty robust.

I really should watch the rest of Bravest Warriors season 3. If you haven't checked this web show out yet, you seriously should.


Would be REALLY NICE if Mastodon worked with Authy for 2FA.

Thinking of getting a french press, does anyone have any good suggestions?

For anyone looking for a solid cross platform journal application, check out journey.cloud. You can access the service from the web browser or a mobile app and is really simple, but effective.

This is a seriously good podcast about saving and wasting time. It's incredibly introspective and insightful. :pray:

Greetings Mastodon! I'm really interested in the platform and will try to post here often. I'll be posting about games, software development, and other nerdy shit.


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