This @securiportgmbia deal is a cesspool of corruption. In an accountable society, @Gambia_MOJ will be all over this, but it looks like the office of @Presidency_GMB cooked up this sleazy deal and travelers are footing the raw deal.


To get a good read on a generation, take a look at what they spend their money on.


How did I missed this? This is a welcome development
in the bring efforts.

Gambia to hire special prosecutor for Jammeh-era crimes - The Point

Someone once say that profanity is a sign of limited vocabulary... But some of these stories make you scream what the fuck in polite company. You just can't help it.

The thing with fanatics is that they can't even conjure up any pretense of objectivity.

Eighty percent of our lives, we feel like idiots. Make the twenty percent count.

In the mortal hashtag of @MSabally

Iban farri

✅Tilin baliya -kanasong
✅Hasidiya -kanasong
✅Sunsuluto lu -kanasong ema

We have a funny way of exposing our failures. The whole fanfare surrounding the set-settal exercise exposes the failure of our systems and institutions.

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This is how @BarrowPresident intends to keep our streets clean -one spade of dirt at a time. Municipalities can now relax. Barrow is on the case.

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Here is @BarrowPresident at the same event. Gloved up and ready to take on the gutters... lol.

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Group think mentality of us against certain ethnic minority populations pervades American policing. The perception transcends the race of the perpetrators of violent policing. It is a nurtured behaviour.

The economic argument Lincoln deploy to get the non abolitionist on his side during the American civil war is the little known story. Obviously, the emancipation story is sexier.

The story of courage and of evil are the two extremes in the human condition.

Our democracy is hindered by our false reverence for institutions that need to be reformed. Unfortunately, that is pretty much every institution in our nation. Pretty scary huh?

Alda suba, .

@Presidency_GMB and entourage drove all the way from Banjul to do a meet-up at Westfield. Apparently, there is nothing to rake up on Marina Parade. The environment footprint of this joy ride never occur to him. We are not a serious people.

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Case in point @BarrowPresident. Swagged up, hand in pocket. If you think this man will sweat cleaning your street, I have a bridge in Kiang for sale.

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