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Watching UFC 210, should be a pretty good event.

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The federated timeline goes by so fast. A post is like, "books are magic" and I'm like, "Wait, what? Books? Come back!"

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Best way of accessing mastodon on android?

Need Mech anime suggestions! Please help!!

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People still keep asking me how federation works. So I made two images to show the difference.

Image 1:
That's how Facebook and Twitter work.
Most things really.
Pretty self-explanatory.

Image 2:
That's Mastodon.
People connect to servers and the servers share data with each other.

E-mail also works like this. It's why you can send mails from Gmail to Hotmail

masto.quad.moe/media/spa5SiLGB masto.quad.moe/media/PUrPoXFrd

Reason for twitter founder selling 30% of his shares?... Toot took...

OKAY! People important question: Jack Daniels or Yuengling tonight?

What are the constraints of the local timeline?

I have been indoctrinated to only speak in 140 character clips....500 is like a brave new world

Who is excited for new episodes of invader zim?

@softeisberg Oh so if you wanted to direct a message at someone else you need to give them their entire list. Yeah I see. Still awesome

Can the same username be used in different instances?

Anyone built an AMD Ryzen Computer out there yet?

Anyone have the GIThub repository link for the Lazy!


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