Our staff Astor Nummelin Carlberg and Paula Grzegorzewska now talk in UB5 230 about lessons from the Copyright Directive and the European Commission Open Source Study

„Open Source has been forgotten when drafting the Copyright Directive because Open Source interests are not sufficiently present in Brussels. This needs to change“ -Astor

„The Directive would have broken code repository platforms by requiring every line of code to be scanned for copyright infringement. Together with @fsfe@twitter.com we prevented this“ -Astor


„The Age of Regulation is coming up and every single new law will have digital parts. We need to mature open source advocacy to make sure Open Source is not broken on the way“ -Astor

„We need to couple reactive activism with really effective advocacy. We need to monitor and be active three years earlier in the process“ -Astor

„When fighting for an Open Source exclusion the change really happened when the software team at a big German industrial contacted their policy people. After that within two weeks the text of the Copyright Directive changed“ -Astor

„Policymakers need the evidence that Open Source is a huge economic factor and that is why we are very glad to conduct a study to determine the economic value of Open Source in Europe“ -Paula

„This study needs the contribution of the community, we need your knowledge. Please approach us now or send an email to euteam@openforumeurope.org to contact us“

👆THREAD: Feel like you could improve EU policy on ? Read how you can get involved!

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