Without , organisations risk being locked-in to a single vendor in the . Join our round table on 28 February, where we will discuss how to achieve a competitive market. More details and registration: openforumeurope.org/event/4619

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We have to strengthen the institutional knowledge about in governments, administration and the EU institutions! Thanks for having me @fsfe@twitter.com @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com

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Together with the @fsfe@twitter.com OFE is organising our annual Pre- meeting on on the and national level. A full room and first discussions are ongoing!

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Great to see a crowded room in the pre- . A meeting organised by @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com and @fsfe@twitter.com where policy makers and civil society organisations meet and discuss strategies that promote on level in 2019.

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Glad to contribute to this discussion through our CEO, Sachiko Muto. Adapting rules to be based on will be important to achieve an open and competitive market where SMEs can compete! Great event by @SBS_SME@twitter.com

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.@SBS_SME@twitter.com Forum on ICT : Open standards in ICT procurement. Examples from @BrambleHub@twitter.com and @ItWirtschaft@twitter.com show: collaboration has potential, but is in need of management.

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Despite the snow ❄️ we are all set to welcome you to our event: SBS Forum on ICT : Open standards in ICT procurement co-hosted with @SBS_SME@twitter.com

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The Co-chairs of OFEs Task Force speak at @enisa_eu@twitter.com event. @jfopen@twitter.com says one priority is the open and transparent development ! @d6chappers@twitter.com points out the need to differentiate standards and schemes.

The @SBS_SME@twitter.com has recognised the immense importance of and standards based procuremet to achieve a fair and competitive market in ICT procurement. Our CEO Sachiko Muto will speak on Wednesday at their event. Hopefully, we‘ll see you! digitalsme.eu/event-sbs-forum-

We‘re at talking about the EU regulation, @Bennetto90@twitter.com says the regulation follows the „out of sight, out of mind“ approach to sanitising the web, without solving the real issues.

We wonder how does competition policy have to evolve in the digital era to react to increasing levels of market concentration? Interesting @Bruegel_org@twitter.com event with different points of view.

Hello Mastodon! Our first steps on a federated social network. We love the idea of an and based social network! In Brussels we work to achieve the right framework for and !


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