We currently have issues with our website. While it's down you can find the details of the job here eurobrussels.com/job_display/1 If you are interested, please email your cv and a cover letter to info@openforumeurope.org

Great to see a crowded room in the pre-#FOSDEM #policy #meeting. A meeting organised by #OpenForumEurope and @fsfe where policy makers and civil society organisations meet and discuss strategies that promote #FOSS on #European level in 2019.

#Elections #Commission #FreeSoftware

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Great moment with all participants first . Strengthen security, lower no of open issues, improve documentation and diversity. More results than in 2 months work! @GabrielMariya@twitter.com @GIngestad@twitter.com

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Many thanks to Mirko Boehm @openinvention@twitter.com Amanda Brock @Trustable@twitter.com Andrew Katz @moorcroftsllp@twitter.com Sachiko Muto @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com Carlo Piana @fsfe@twitter.com Paul Sherwood @codethink@twitter.com Glenn Svensson @SAP@twitter.com Parham Vasaiely @jaguarlandrover@twitter.com this is just the start of our adventure... twitter.com/MMGAZZ/status/1111

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Despite the outcome of the vote yesterday, OFE would like to thank all developers, experts and advocates that spoke up to . The most direct threat to development was averted. @fsfe@twitter.com

Nominate and register to attend Open Source Awards 2019! OFE will be there, represented by our CEO Sachiko Muto.

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UK Open Source Awards are live! 5 awards open for nominations until 5pm 22April. Please encourage nominations and register to attend the event in Edinburgh on 12 June opensourceawards.org

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Last week we held a great meet up with the @LegalHackersBXL@twitter.com on !! Thank you for hosting us and for the amazing evening!! Thank you @a2na@twitter.com @IPnewsbe@twitter.com @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com for joining us!! Thank you @CarolineCalomme@twitter.com for initiating all!! twitter.com/privacyonchain/sta

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We at believe that & of the EU copyright directive are very bad for European businesses.

Over 130 other companies joined us and signed our open letter urging MEPs to vote against and .


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The debate on and is often fought on legal questions. OFA Fellow and President of @OpenSourceOrg@twitter.com @webmink@twitter.com posits that this is the wrong lens. Read his OFA Opinion Paper here openforumeurope.org/wp-content


Make your voice heard and help shape the future of !

To define a new vision and strategy of OSOR a is being organised by the on 12 March 2019 in .

Seats are limited so find out more here: joinup.ec.europa.eu/news/make- and register soon!

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Very glad to have facilitated a great wxchange between Pierre Chastanet, Cloud Head of Unit at DG Connect, @ClarkSP and Daniel Melin from Swedish Public Procurement. Full room and great discussions to be continued!

Without , organisations risk being locked-in to a single vendor in the . Join our round table on 28 February, where we will discuss how to achieve a competitive market. More details and registration: openforumeurope.org/event/4619

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