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Fully agree with @EUdigitalsme@twitter.com, and if ICT standards are open, companies of all sizes can build a business on them

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Standardised protocols of connectivity provide the base layer for the world economy to keep on working during the pandemic.

Read our latest article for @SBS_SME@twitter.com here: digitalsme.eu/ict-standards-wi

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New: Special Report | State of Open Hardware in Europe

Inspired by our friends @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com, we wrote a special report on the state of in 🇪🇺 If it were a country, it would have the 2nd most certifications in the world (125)!


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.@EU_DIGIT@twitter.com is collecting and structuring and solutions as well as activities supporting COVID-19 actions.

@EU_Commission@twitter.com is betting on to fight the virus - let's help them by submitting solutions!


Under the @EU_ISA2@twitter.com programme the @EU_Commission@twitter.com is structuring information on in Europe.

Tune in on Wednesday to learn more about this important and helpful action 👇

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Join OSOR's upcoming on Wednesday 8 April 💻
We are marking the initial milestone of publishing the first batch of country intelligence reports on the Knowledge Centre.
Tune in for two and share your opinion with us!
Register here: joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection

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It's unacceptable in 2020 if politicians are prevented from exercising their mandates due to lack of interoperability. Pirates have been warning against this trap of proprietary tools for years. I'll keep pushing the services to fix this. Thanks to @anna_cavazzini@twitter.com for jumping in!

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Did you see our blog post last week? @AstorNC@twitter.com of @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com describes how the EU Copyright Directive alsmost killed code sharing platforms and calls for advocates to change their approach. ossg.bcs.org/blog/2020/03/20/w

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While working from home, we took a look back at our successful Pre-FOSDEM Meeting. With around 100 people we discussed the crucial role OS can play in ensuring open, competitive markets and technological independence in Europe.

Read ➡️ openforumeurope.org/the-open-s

Today we join @fsfe@twitter.com to celebrate communities around the world.

Thank you for your contributions, your work maintaining, organising, documenting software that we all run, study, share and improve.

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A huge shout out to the over 40 OSS enthusiasts who joined our @OSOReu@twitter.com workshop on Sustainable public sector OSS communities at @fosdem@twitter.com !🥰

👉Read the summary here: shorturl.at/kxIMY
🤔Still have thoughts you want to share? Complete our survey: shorturl.at/nvyAR

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Our CEO & Head of Tech & IP, @andrewjskatz@twitter.com has been named the expert to lead the Open Hardware section in the upcoming EU study on the impact of Open Source Software & Hardware. @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com @FraunhoferISI@twitter.com

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Our first workshop on the @EU_Commission@twitter.com Open Source study, together with the OpenForum Academy. So many great contributions, we‘re not sure who to highlight. We‘re going to continue and expand engagement! @jeremypbennett@twitter.com @zbandic@twitter.com @kajarno@twitter.com @dirkx@twitter.com @KnutBlind@twitter.com @mirkoboehm@twitter.com @webmink@twitter.com

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Just finished attending and enjoying 1-day OpenForumAcademy by @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com, focused on open source hardware and software, and presented on @CHIPSAlliance@twitter.com. Thanks @jeremypbennett@twitter.com for invitation!

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Discovering from the current speaker at the @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com workshop that some standards we thought were OK actually have royalty-required normative references in them, not covered by any patent waiver/covenants otherwise attached to the standard.

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👆THREAD: Feel like you could improve EU policy on ? Read how you can get involved!

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„This study needs the contribution of the community, we need your knowledge. Please approach us now or send an email to euteam@openforumeurope.org to contact us“

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„Policymakers need the evidence that Open Source is a huge economic factor and that is why we are very glad to conduct a study to determine the economic value of Open Source in Europe“ -Paula

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„When fighting for an Open Source exclusion the change really happened when the software team at a big German industrial contacted their policy people. After that within two weeks the text of the Copyright Directive changed“ -Astor

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„We need to couple reactive activism with really effective advocacy. We need to monitor and be active three years earlier in the process“ -Astor

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