From the same people* who brought you "Since When Does Everyone in New York Jog?" it's "Since When Does Everyone in New York Own a Dog?"

My cousin is a veterinarian in Texas and had to extricate this dummy from his breakfast this morning.

piͥleͤ tͭhͪeͤ boͦdͩiͥeͤs oͦn tͭhͪeͤ whͪiͥtͭeͤ hͪoͦuͧseͤ laͣwn

Data entry... in my home! In my bedroom where my wife sleeps! Where my children come and play with their toys. In my home.

QUEENS: Where are there still decent garlic naan being sold?
My top three favorite places in Jackson Heights are all closed and only the place that makers 'em really dry and flour-y is left open!
Have feet, travel max. 4 miles from Woodside area.

Ice cream truck outside my apartment.
Pretty sure this is a setup - I go out and ask for a Rocket Pop and Cuomo pops up from behind the counter and start yelling at me.

I guess we're finally going to get an answer the question: could Americans BE any fatter?

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