I come here to decompress from the bird site, but I start chomping at the bit.... wondering what fresh hell I am missing?

Is it too early to get shitfaced? Asking for a friend.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

- Bob Marley

More Kavenaugh 

When he wrote his essay, he actually recorded over the tape. He gave me a very sincere apology, and explained how those lyrics did not reflect his own personal feelings and beliefs. Since his younger brother had listened to the lyrics too, I made him a part of this party. He also wrote a sincere essay. I was satisfied.

Today, I am proud of them. They have been fine, outstanding examples of men, and their wives would definitely agree with me.


So, when I found that my oldest son had been listening to some really raunchy music in HS, I made him sit down and listen to it with me. I would pause it and say "This part here, is this how you feel about women?" And then proceed again. The lyrics were misogynist and horrible. I paused it at every horrible line, and discussed it with him. He was horrified of course. Then I gave him back his tape, told him it was his, and that I wanted an essay on how he felt women should be treated.

Whelp! I'm ensconced in the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance house, but my brother is still in the hospital. I'm to be his caregiver for the next few weeks. I guess I have a mini vacation until he gets here. Hopefully tomorrow.

That face you make, when the mix of alcohol and weed is optimal....... when you are one with the world, and the world is one with you........... Come on.

You know what I mean........ or at least you should............

If you think you're having a bad day, you should know that in 1867 the first member of the Royal Family to visit Australia, Prince Alfred, was originally supposed to start his tour of the country in Perth and he just sailed on to another port, never giving an explanation as to why. The local paper went on to say 'We shall never speak of this'

Whoooaaaa!!!! I made a friendly comment on the bird site to someone I followed, and they seriously attacked me. Damn! What a douchecanoe!

My dog has come and reminded me several times that it's time for me to come to bed. She's a much worse nag than my husband.

Thinking about getting into a local leftist org. But Im worried, because disliking and avoiding all of my neighbors is probably going to be a problem with community outreach.

Would be cool if you could help do a socialism while being antisocial.

Thanks for the reply. I think I must be too damn old to understand it however.

😂 😂 😂

Just carry on....... no need to educate this old granny.

It was a long day........ a good day, but at my age, even fun takes a serious toll. God I am glad to be home, have a hard seltzer under my belt, and my homegrown is kicking in. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

youre feeling kind of sad. suddenly bob ross appears next to you. thats impossible, bob ross passed away years ago. but he's standing right there. how are you here bob? he winks.

“In nature, dead trees are just as normal as live trees.”

it's so hard to be alive sometimes bob. he nods.

"You need the dark in order to show the light.”

thanks bob. i love you. he smiles.

“Never forget to tell these special people in your life just how special they are to you.”

More Marijuana 

And if that wasn't funny enough to me, I intentionally ate an edible, and sat back to enjoy. After it kicked in, I heard someone at the door. Thinking it was the UPS man, I waited a minute before I opened the door and peeked around it.

Holy Crap! It was the Mormon Missionaries! I just waved them off, going "no no no, this isn't a good time and I don't have any pants on."

On second thought, they never would have returned.....

Funny Marijuana 

Hahahaha! My sister is a receiving clerk at a pot store. She was given a "non-infused" edible to check the taste. It was clearly labeled.

After half an hour, she started having problems...... thought she felt dizzy... maybe sensitive to cleaners or something. It took her about 10 min of confusion before she realized what happened. Now she is super stoned, and cannot leave the store.

I told her she should sue for an unsafe work environment, hazard pay and overtime.

That one time when I decide to have dinner ready on the table when DH comes home?

He's late, and I kinda burnt that shit. It's a turkish dish, which neither of us have ever had, so it's likely neither of us will know the difference!😂

Finnish idiomatic expression of the day: vetää herne nenään

Translated literally means "to pull a pea up one's nose" and is an expression for being provoked. I'm sure the story behind this one is very interesting.

when I moved into my apartment we went into the attic for the first time and found half finished coloring book pages with crayons laying beside them, what I'm saying is that every day I am not murdered by the ghosts of the Children of the Attic is a good day

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