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NEW: During the rule of Hugo , the 's government awarded generous electricity contracts and oil concessions to a group of young businessmen, the Bolichicos, who built power plants during a series of widespread . Almost 10 years later, as Venezuela continues to struggle with its supply, leaked documents reveal more about the deals.

OCCRP's Chief of Information Security is at this week. Let us know if you're there too!

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NEW: realtors use words like “exclusive” and “luxury” to describe , but the village just west of is actually quite welcoming — to anyone with a fortune. Novaya Gazeta reveals how one mansion is likely connected to PM ’s bodyguard.

NEW INVESTIGATION: The family of Vladimir , a controversial elder statesman of Russian and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of , owns property worth an estimated $135 million.

Police in arrested Meduza investigative Ivan Golunov on Thursday, accusing him of possessing club , which Golunov claims were planted on him. He also claims the officers beat him during his and detainment.

NEW: It is widely known that major media outlets in — especially television — are controlled by the government. But who actually manages the ’s grip? This is the story of Alexey Gromov, a former diplomat who has gained great influence and power as Vladimir ’s media puppetmaster.

By withdrawing the most valuable bills in the nation, 's officials hope that those who have received large sums of cash illicitly will be forced to disclose the source of their while exchanging or take the heavy financial loss when October comes.

The suspects were charged with mafia association, drug trafficking, racketeering and illegal firearms possession. They are also accused of being part of a previously unknown ‘Ndrangheta cell from the village of San Leonardo di Cutro in Calabria.

The “revolving door” of legislators leaving their offices to become might soon come to a halt, thanks to increased public awareness and an odd exchange this week.

’s Finance Ministry announced on Monday that it had frozen the bank accounts of Emilio Lozoya Austin, the former head of the state-owned company Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), due to allegations of corruption.

After years of corruption allegations, Liviu Dragnea, the leader of ’s the Social Democratic, was sentenced and jailed for three and a half years on Monday - only a day after Romanians voted for a ban on pardons for corrupt officials.

Bosnia’s top judicial official became embroiled in a corruption scandal on Thursday after a secretly-filmed video was released showing him allegedly taking bribes through a middleman.

Eight officers and one member of staff in Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption unit are under investigation for abusing their positions to affect ongoing investigations, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), a police watchdog.

A secretly-filmed video showing ’s Vice Chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, discussing corrupt deals has thrown the government into turmoil and forced the politician to resign on Saturday.

OCCRP regional editor and KRIK editor in chief Stevan Dojcinovic has been named one of the two recipients of the prestigious Knight International Journalism Award, the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) announced on Tuesday.

Netanyahu was notified of his coming indictments by the 's Attorney General in February, and went on to win re-election for the fifth time in April. If is put on trial it would be a first for a sitting Israeli PM.

NEW: ’s ruling party paid over 150,000 euros to a well-connected Belgian politician for dubious research during a Council of Europe democracy probe.

Malaysian authorities have detained 123 Vietnamese fishermen in the first half of May in a campaign that Vietnamese press called Malaysia’s toughest move yet to curb illegal fishing.

A Ukrainian oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky, who allegedly masterminded the theft of $5.5 billion from one of the country’s largest commercial lenders has returned to the country last week after years spent in exile in and .

A Canadian manufacturing giant allegedly paid millions of dollars of bribes to win a contract in Azerbaijan--and then obstructed a World Bank investigation into its wrongdoing, according to internal World Bank documents obtained by the Globe and Mail last week.

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