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NEW: An influential Serbian politician, Nenad Popovic — known as “Russia’s man” within the government — is at the center of criminal complaints filed by workers of a major manufacturer that spiraled into bankruptcy under his leadership.

When expelled a -backed anti-corruption commission in early January, the issued only a vague statement that did not even mention the commission. US media outlets, including Foreign Policy magazine, are now claiming that the US party was working behind the scenes to undermine the commission prior to the incident.

African mercenaries are expanding beyond war into organized crime, terrorism and violent extremism, the UN Secretary General warned this week.

Brazil’s Supreme Court has reopened a probe into suspicious payments involving President Bolsonaro’s son Flavio.

Dutch and German police arrested 12 people Friday for suspected involvement in an international drug trafficking ring that used the dark web to sell an array of drugs to buyers around the world.

For almost a decade, corrupt politicians and wealthy businessmen have purchased European passports using dirty money.

In January, the European Commission finally delivered its response.

But rather than urging action, many of its toughest demands were withdrawn.

A war of words erupted this week as Danish and Estonian regulators attempted to shift blame for the Danske Bank money laundering scandal that is currently under investigation in Denmark, Estonia, Britain and the United States.

A total of 200 billion euros $229 billion of suspicious payments passed through the Estonian branch of the Danish bank between 2007 and 2015.

NEW INVESTIGATION: Import tractors into Romania. Cart them temporarily into Bulgaria to generate fraudulent export & import papers. Now sell them to your Romanian customers — classified as “importers” instead of end users.

That’s how a criminal group evaded over €1 million in VAT.

NEW INVESTIGATION: Belarusian border guards are accused of harassing dissidents and returning Chechen asylum-seekers to Russia. They were also given equipment by the E.U.

Here’s the story with Danwatch.

A German MP is the first person to face political consequences in her home country for involvement in the , a $2.9 billion influence peddling scandal between Azeri government and more than a dozen European politicians.

Russia’s Justice Ministry has proposed new laws to exempt officials implicated in corruption if non-compliance with anti-graft laws is found to be unavoidable.

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@eldelacajita Well, both @OCCRP (int'l investigative journalism network) and (anti-surveillance NGO from Poland) use Free Software (mostly) for publishing and comms

Failure to curb corruption is contributing to a worldwide crisis of democracy, corruption watchdog Transparency International said in its 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), released today.

NEW INVESTIGATION: Macedonia’s right-wing former ruling party, VMRO-DPMNE, stands accused of a litany of crimes, including illegally purchasing dozens of properties all over the country.

OCCRP’s local member center, IRL Macedonia, has the list.

Several men have been arrested for smuggling a half tonne of cocaine into the United Kingdom on a private jet.

To hire the jet, they posed as businessmen traveling to Bogota and claimed to be seeing U.S. popstar Bruno Mars.

Critics say ’s proposed new public -fighting agency is too weak to get the job done, and would actually “shield parliamentarians and public servants” from scrutiny.

NEW INVESTIGATION: Fancy Bear, a Russian cyber-espionage group accused of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election, used a now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange called BTC-e.

Here’s the story of the man behind it who is now the subject of a legal tug-of-war between the United States and Russia.

The illegal wildlife trade in Hong Kong is booming, according to a new study, and consequently contributing to a global extinction crisis by supplying an increasing demand for wildlife products in Asia, particularly China.

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that Deutsche Bank is being investigated as part of the ongoing US Federal Reserve probe of Danske Bank’s alleged facilitation of money laundering operations.

The EU is expected to release a report Wednesday urging member states to tighten controls over their programs, warning the schemes can be used by organized crime groups for money laundering, corruption and tax evasion.

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