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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Montana, a nonprofit legal organization, filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against members of the bail bonds industry, including bail bondsmen, bounty hunters and insurance companies, who it says amount to organized crime actors.

NEW INVESTIGATION: For the first time, OCCRP has traced the mechanism that appears to have allowed two Ukrainian oligarchs to funnel such vast wealth out of Ukraine: The money was moved through a PrivatBank subsidiary in Cyprus.

Kyrgyzstan’s security services are investigating government officials for accepting bribes from a Lithuanian company that won a tender to supply biometric passport booklets.

Reporters for Kloop and OCCRP found what was wrong with the tender procedure.

NEW INVESTIGATION: Evidence from a tropical Brazilian getaway show that Liviu Dragnea, one of Romania’s leading politicians, has not been truthful about his relationship with the former head of a company that received millions of euros in EU construction money.

What brought them together remains a mystery, but the photos reveal a friendly relationship between powerful representatives of two different universes — mainstream Serbian politics and northern Kosovo’s criminal underworld.

NEW INVESTIGATION: Reporters from OCCRP member center,, have unearthed phone records that raise questions about the investigation into the murder of Ukrainian activist Kateryna Gandzuik.

NEW ON : Celebrities and royals have long flocked to the palm-fringed Spanish village of S’Agaro, up the coast from Barcelona. Now it attracts Russian statesmen – and their money.

Over seven years, the companies channeled at least $137 million into yachting-related expenditures and businesses linked to Russian business tycoon Valentin Zavadnikov.

Here’s the story.

NEW INVESTIGATION: In a package of stories called "The Great Gambia Heist," OCCRP exposes for the first time how former Gambia President Yahya Jammeh and his associates plundered nearly $1 billion of the country’s public funds and timber resources.

A shell company seen as a tool for bribing Ukraine’s runaway president Viktor Yanukovych appears to have made payments to a firm that transferred money to Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, reporters of a Swedish broadcaster found after digging through leaked bank data.

A multi-million dollar scheme to bribe top African officials in order to boost a Chinese energy company has landed Patrick Ho, a former Hong Kong government official who US Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman on Monday called “brazen,” to three years in jail.

A Palestinian journalist who had been sentenced to six months in prison in 2017 over an investigative report she authored about corruption in Gaza was acquitted on all charges in an appeal decision on Monday.

NEW: Current and former members of parliament, tax officials, honorary diplomats, and other Armenian officials have purchased expensive properties in Dubai, raising questions about how they could afford them.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa this week signed a proclamation that officially establishes a new investigating council, called the new Scorpions, to examine high-profile cases such as the country’s ongoing state capture inquiry.

New revelations show Latvian businessman and political party donor Aivars Bergers received payments from offshore companies used in two international money laundering schemes - the and the Magnitsky affair.

The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) arrested on Monday woman who is thought to have supplied Albanian organized crime syndicates with some 500 UK passports.

The United States imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s state-run gold mining company, Minerven, on Tuesday, accusing it of illicitly propping up the government of President Maduro.

The head of Japan's Olympic Committee said on Tuesday he is resigning following a corruption investigation into the awarding of Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Games.

A scandal implicating Sweden’s oldest bank widened dramatically on Friday, with revelations that the suspicious flows that the institution handled--transactions with potential connections to alleged Danske Bank money laundering--amounted to $10.2 billion, and not $5.8 billion, as earlier reported.

There are many examples of politicians changing the laws — or attempting to change them — or manipulating institutions to dodge corruption investigations or prison time in the last few years.

Here are some.

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