A judge told OCCRP journalist Khadija Ismayilova today that she had to pay profit taxes for Radio Free Europe, where she used to work. A bogus claim since she was never responsible for the finances of RFE's Azerbaijan office.

Khadija already served 18 months in prison after reporting on the corruption of the first family and other Azerbaijani elites.

Support Khadija and make this case known.

: ~7 months ago, journalists Juan Ortega, Paul Rivas, and Efrain Segarra were abducted and killed at the border between Ecuador and Colombia. 20 reporters in partnership w/ OCCRP tell their story today at 1300 CET / 0600 COT on occrp.org

Jan Kuciak's last investigation, published posthumously:

In late February 2018, Jan Kuciak was murdered by a single bullet. His fiancée was killed alongside him.

Before his death, Kuciak had been working with OCCRP and his outlet, Aktuality.sk, on an in-depth investigation about the Italian ‘Ndrangheta infiltration of Slovakia.

Here are Jan’s final stories, published to honor his memory, set the record straight, and minimize the danger to his colleagues.

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NEW INVESTIGATION: tourism isn’t all swaying palm trees and white sand beaches. The truth is something uglier. Read the new stories, 🏝️, here: occrp.org/en/paradiseleased/

Thanks to a trove of leaked files, OCCRP reporters have uncovered the details of a multi-million dollar scheme that saw dozens of Maldivian islands leased out to developers in no-bid deals. While local tycoons and international investors cashed in, the people of this island paradise saw precious little.

Our partners wall will soon be running out of wall space with all their awards. Sarunas Cerniauskas and investigative team 15min.lt have won 3 out of 6 newly-established awards in for investigative reporting. Congratulations! (Photo: Vidmantas Balkūnas/15min)


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