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to be released to journalists worldwide.

An online facility for sharing a large data trove at the centre of an international corruption and money laundering scandal has been launched.

The contain hundreds of thousands of emails and other documents evidencing how three businessman brothers, the Guptas, have “captured” political decision-making in South Africa.

: How did a small-time Parisian fraudster rise to become a top agent for one of Central Europe's largest arms companies? Our reporters and partners asked the same question; this is the story they uncovered: occrp.org/en/theatreofwar/

Pierre Konrad Dadak rose from a small-time Parisian fraudster to become a top representative for one of Central Europe’s biggest arms companies. Either way, high-level connections in his ancestral appear to have protected him.

OCCRP's Chief of Security reporting for duty: No, no, it's not Cousin It.


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Transparency International UK highlights 5 cases of unexplained wealth. @OCCRP's stories have lent to this report.

Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) come in to force. They are a new investigative power designed to help law enforcement act on corrupt assets. This is something that Transparency International has been advocating for since 2014.

Based on open source information, we have pulled together five cases where we believe law enforcement should consider using UWOs.

: Albanians Protest Government and Organized Crime Links

Tens of thousands protested in Tirana over the weekend against the government, accusing it of links to organized crime and corruption, according to the Associated Press.

Toting portraits of Prime Minister Edi Rama and his former interior minister Saimir Tahiri, the crowd shouted "Rama go" and "No to narco-state." The protesters waved Albanian, US and EU flags.

: Billionaire Facing Inquiry by

A wealthy Israeli businessman who was implicated in the Paradise Papers leak is being investigated by the Department of Justice for allegedly bribing high-ranking officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Guardian reported Sunday.

Scottish Law Firm HQ for Anonymous occrp.org/en/27-ccwatch/cc-wat

One of Scotland’s biggest law firms headquartered hundreds of shell companies that have broken anti-money laundering laws, calling into question the effectiveness of British corporate law.

The Scottish limited partnerships (SLPs) - which are legitimate investment vehicles - were formally based at the Edinburgh offices of Burness Paull and failed to adhere to rules governing transparency.

: Strnad’s Balkan Factory Buy-Up. Read Pt. 3 here: occrp.org/en/wardogmillionaire

Czech arms tycoon Jaroslav Strnad did not limit his Balkan shopping spree to stockpiled Chinese munitions.

The businessman also bought at least two bankrupt, formerly state-owned factories in the former Yugoslavia.

Strnad’s dealings in both countries have involved figures linked to a clique of politicians and security officials accused of running a mafia state under Macedonia’s previous government.

: charges upheld against Lula

Three judges upheld the corruption conviction against former two-term president of Brazil and current presidential candidate, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, The Guardian reported on Wednesday.

Lula was convicted of receiving roughly US$755,000 in bribes from construction company “OAS” in an apartment swap, where a simple flat bought by Lula was swapped for a seaside apartment in the same building.

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Jaroslav Strnad, the chief financial backer of the Czech president, has been secretly snapping up arms stockpiles and factories throughout the Balkans with the help of a cast of notorious local characters. The buy-up has included tens of millions of rounds of old ammunition of a type so unreliable that a previous attempt to sell it inspired a Hollywood movie.

President’s Main Donor on Balkan Arms Shopping Spree

Czech President Miloš Zeman likes to joke about shooting journalists.

The veteran politician, who is running for reelection this week, recently earned international opprobrium when, sporting a faux assault rifle, he figuratively took aim at the press.

As it turns out, if Zeman ever wants to make good on his threats, his chief financial backer may have plenty of bullets handy.

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