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Customs authorities say they seized 70 finches from a passenger arriving from Georgetown, Guyana, on Saturday.

The birds were “detained under quarantine” and turned over to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services.

NEW INVESTIGATION: Lithuania’s Vladimir Romanov has been hiding in Russia since 2014, and a legal battle is still raging over cash from his bank that was sunk into a London property.

Among the claimants jostling for a piece of the spoils is a company that appears to be tied to Romanov’s inner circle.

NEW INVESTIGATION: An $8 million villa on Dubai’s luxurious Palm Jumeirah has been controlled for years by the family of Igor Shuvalov, Russia’s former first deputy prime minister.

Its ownership structure shows how the wealthy use offshores to obscure their assets.

Read the story here:

Hi everyone! This is Alex Cooper (@wgacooper) now heading Mastodon and other social media channels for OCCRP. Looking forward to sharing our stories and investigations with you all in the future!

NEW INVESTIGATION: A joint investigation by OCCRP partners Direkt36 () and RISE Project (Romania) raise questions for a senior party member over unbuilt bioethanol factories whose financing remains a mystery. Read the story here:

Unexplained financing, a rival bidder controlled by a cousin, and unpaid penalties. These are just some of the problems surrounding a bioethanol project promised by a senior Fidesz member.

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Time's Person of the Year are "The Guardians". Those who bear witness:

Time reminds us of their scrifice:

"Four reporters have been murdered in
the European Union since the start of last year. In February, police found the
body of Ján Kuciak, a methodical chronicler of corruption in Slovakia,
alongside that of his fiancée."

Journalists need your support.

Who owns ? Reporters on the have begun to unravel the mystery sparked by 's allegations on the company's connections to Maltese politicians. Read the story by Reuters here:

Documents obtained by Reuters and the Daphne Project show two Panamanian companies owned by two Maltese politicians expected to get payments from an offshore company connected to the man who won a key government concession to build a large power plant.

Nominations are open for the 2018 in Organized Crime and ! Who has done the most in the world to advance transnational criminal activity and the political collusion that goes along w/ it? Tell us, read the details here:

OCCRP Strongly Objects to ’s Misuse of to Muzzle Media

RISE Project, an OCCRP’s partner, was ordered Thursday by the Romanian Data Protection Authority (ANSPDCP) to reveal its sources under the threat of a fine of up to €20 million based on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

RISE Project and its journalists are currently documenting a case relating to the theft of EU funds by the highest political echelons of Romanian politics.

Encryption: A Godsend to All Who Seek Privacy, Even Criminals

In this era of cyber-espionage, authoritarian laws on citizen surveillance, and digital arms dealers selling spyware to dubious regimes, the right to privacy is not simply a question of hiding a potentially embarrassing browser history. It’s also about protecting the lives of those who sacrifice their safety to uncover the crimes of oligarchs and dictators.

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Fascinating talk from @OCCRP about journalism and censorship at Mozfest. Time to learn more about their work!

El Comercio reporter Javier Ortega knew about a secret WhatsApp channel between Ecuadorian police and the guerrillas of the Oliver Sinisterra Front. OCCRP and partners have obtained the WhatsApp chat logs. Now we tell the story never wrote:

Alejandro Zaldumbide, a major in the Ecuadorian police, began corresponding with someone on WhatsApp who identified himself as , the nom de guerre of leader Walter Patricio Arizala Vernaza. The story here:

: A visit to , the Ecuadorian border town where two and a driver were kidnapped in March, reveals the paralyzing effects of the region’s drug war on the local population. Read the story here:

: ~7 months ago, journalists Juan Ortega, Paul Rivas, and Efrain Segarra were abducted and killed at the border between Ecuador and Colombia. 20 reporters in partnership w/ OCCRP tell their story today at 1300 CET / 0600 COT on

: 6 months ago, Javier Ortega, Paul Rivas, and Efrain Segarra were abducted and killed at the border between Ecuador and Colombia. 20 reporters in partnership w/ OCCRP investigated what happened. On Oct. 24 we tell the story on

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CONFIRMED for the #MozFest Science Fair - #London Friday October 26 from 18:00-21:00

@rysiek from @OCCRP


** Saturday 14:00-15:00 come and hear how investigative #journalism fights #censorship and uses tools like #TOR #DAT #IPFS and gets the important news publishing into the hands of those who need it most

NEW on the : The King who Markets Citizenship for Cash💸 by Juliette Garside and Hilary Osborne (republished from The Guardian). Read the story here:

As his companions tucked into their pasta, Christian Kalin sipped mineral water.

With him was Alexander Nix, the now-notorious founder of Cambridge Analytica. Back then, the bespectacled old Etonian was running the elections division of Strategic Communications Laboratories, known as SCL.

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