The state of Covid policy in Ontario: when your PCR test results are available, you receive an email from Ontario Health prompting you to click a link that doesn’t exist in order to visit a page that (when you track it down via Google) doesn’t load.

Update an hour or so later: the results page is now accessible, so that appears to have been a temporary problem. You still have to Google it, though, because the “Check your results” link explicitly referenced in the notification email does not exist.

@NoahStAmand if positive, I hope you are directed to a pharmacy that is not at the given address to pick up an out of stock medication.

@paulmyoung I’m fortunate that the test was mostly a necessary formality and it’s unlikely that my result was positive—but as far as I can determine, I’ll never know for sure.

@NoahStAmand kidding aside, I wish you the best. I didn't realize this was a real world situation. Covid is nothing to joke about. Be well, my friend.

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