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User data is kept in the folder DATA and is stored on the device using OverlayFS. Using the GRUB parameter ZNX_OVERLAYS the user can define which folders are put in the overlay.

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Each Linux system is self-contained in a single file, IMAGE.0, and the previous version of it is kept as a backup IMAGE.0.zs-old.

This file allows znx to rollback to a previous state if the new one doesn't work.

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A storage device that has been initialized with looks like this. Only two partitions, an ESP and a Data partition. Each Linux system is in a different folder, with each version under the same tree. And, in each folder, the data belonging to each version.

znx GUI also received many updates during this month. Starting with support for new znx features such as check-update, and usability features like user confirmation.

As part of our recent round of updates, we also updated the NX Welcome Wizard, which now features actual useful information for first-time users instead of the previous text.

The new slides present information on how to deploy Nitrux, add new software to Nitrux, and setting up VMetal.

It also now adequately picks-up the theme.

The NX Software Center backend has received many fixes these few days, it can now list content from

There's a lot more work to do, but we're getting there.

Nitrux will be available for the Raspberry Pi 4 🤓

We want to thank those that have supported us by paying for our stable ISO and Patreon. We now have the means to start working on an aarch64 build of Nitrux targeting this SBC first.

We have updated the Compendium to make it easier to understand what znx is about.

Installing vs. Deploying

Znx is an operating system manager. It manages the lifetime of OSes that are deployed with it. Znx is not an installer, a container, a program to flash USBs (it’s not a replacement for ‘dd’ or anything similar), or virtualization software.

As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver a consistent experience on any infrastructure, we are actively looking for partners to create VMetal Cloud.

Please reach out to us at if you're interested in partnering with us.

After a trial of testing with different hardware, we can confirm that our ISO files can be flashed using tools such as:

- Etcher.
- Rufus.
- dd.
- ROSA Image Writer.
- KDE ISO Image Writer.
- and others.

We'd like to ask you to try something. If you have Windows, download Etcher, download our ISO (stable or development) and flash it to a USB.

Let us know what happens.

"Plasma Mobile: weekly update: part 6."

This week’s update is full of applications, and library updates, Kirigami, and MauiKit offer new components and apps like VVave present new fixes.

Dpkg? ✖
APT? ✖

Brew? ✅
AppImage? ✅

Also, we're just one issue away from moving off of systemd.

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