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Today, we bring you a new report on the Maui Project’s progress.

The following blog post will cover some of the changes and highlights from the last month of development.

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Here is an script to strip down extra weight from #AppImage. It analyzes the app runtime and drops what wasn't used. It's quite experimental so remember to test the resulting bundle in different systems.

In between new releases of the distribution and MauiKit apps, we also do small utilities like this.

shop is a simplistic package manager for UNIX shells (bash, mksh, etc.)

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Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.6.1 is available to download

We are pleased to announce the launch of Nitrux 1.6.1.

Check the changelog of the most recent version of Nitrux at our blog, link below.

Today starts the countdown to a new release! We're preparing the latest details, and we'll be uploading a new ISO; stay tuned.

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I'm making an "Available as AppImage" button to add to the readme files of our stuff. Or if people want to use them, I'll upload the SVG to a repo.

Here are 20 variants. Which one do you like?.

PSA: Firefox will be added as an AppImage to use with the Firejail sandbox. nx-desktop-settings-legacy was just updated to add the launcher for this purpose. However, users should uninstall the Firefox Debian package to avoid a file conflict.

PSA: We've updated a couple of our packages. To upgrade them, run the following commands.

- sudo apt update
- sudo apt-mark unhold cgroupfs-mount
- sudo apt install --only-upgrade nitrux-repositories-config
- sudo apt upgrade

PSA: We've just updated our package openrc-config to version 0.0.9 *finally* enabling other TTYs by default.

This update enables TTY 2 to 6.

PSA: We've also updated the package nvidia-x11-config to install the Nvidia proprietary driver version 470 instead of 460 to better support kernel 5.14+.


To update it, run the following command.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-x11-config=0.0.4

To install these other kernels, run:

sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-lts
sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-lts-5.4
sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-current
sudo apt install linux-image-libre-lts
sudo apt install linux-image-libre-current
sudo apt install linux-image-liquorix
sudo apt install linux-image-xanmod
sudo apt install linux-image-xanmod-cacule


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We have updated all the kernels available from our repository to their latest versions. These include the following.

- Linux mainline LTS and non-LTS ver. 5.4.144. 5.10.62 and 5.14.1, respectively.
- Linux Libre LTS and non-LTS ver. 5.10.62 and 5.14.1, respectively.
- Linux Liquorix ver. 5.13.0-14.1.
- Linux Xanmod ver. 5.14.1. and 5.14.1-cacule.

To update run:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade


PSA: We've update our package nitrux-repositories-config. To install this upgrade, run the following command.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install --only-upgrade nitrux-repositories-config

PSA: If you've upgraded the NX Software Center to version 0.0.8+1.0.0+git and it doesn't launch, please downgrade to version 0.0.7+1.0.0+git.

To do this, run the following command.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install nx-software-center=0.0.7+1.0.0+git

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@Nitrux_NX | A Beautiful And Modern #Linux Distribution video by Tyler's Tech. Take a look at this: ⚙️ 🐧 🐘 Coherent well integrated #desktop with global menus? ☑️ Checked.

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NX Software Center is a graphical front end to manage AppImage applications built using MauiKit.

The first version has been released, and Nitrux is shipping it.

For more information, you can check the new @Nitrux_NX release announcement:

#mauikit #nitrux #appimage

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