As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver a consistent experience on any infrastructure, we are actively looking for partners to create VMetal Cloud.

Please reach out to us at if you're interested in partnering with us.

After a trial of testing with different hardware, we can confirm that our ISO files can be flashed using tools such as:

- Etcher.
- Rufus.
- dd.
- ROSA Image Writer.
- KDE ISO Image Writer.
- and others.

We'd like to ask you to try something. If you have Windows, download Etcher, download our ISO (stable or development) and flash it to a USB.

Let us know what happens.

@Blort We've always hosted our blog at Medium though.

"Plasma Mobile: weekly update: part 6."

This week’s update is full of applications, and library updates, Kirigami, and MauiKit offer new components and apps like VVave present new fixes.

Dpkg? ✖
APT? ✖

Brew? ✅
AppImage? ✅

Also, we're just one issue away from moving off of systemd.

We're still $130 off of our $150 goal to purchase a Pinephone Development Kit.

Obtaining a Pinephone would mean that Nitrux can available to aarch64 devices.

Visit to contribute to this goal.

The job position is still open. Please make sure to check the details and send us your CV to

If you have contacted us before, please reply to our email so we can set up an interview.

Znx (since always) has permitted users to go back to the previous version of an operating system if the new one doesn't function properly. However, it wasn't a feature that was noticeable. Znx now shows a (recovery) entry in its menu.

TL;DR Nitrux can boot in 11s (using systemd) and 10s (using sysvrc) down from the 46.6s (using sysvrc) and 48.5s (using systemd).

After a couple of days working on improving the build time of our ISO on our CI, we have also enhanced the boot-up time of Nitrux.

"Rabix Composer is an open-source editor for Common Workflow Language documents. It has a graphical mode allowing drag and drops the creation of workflows and wizard type creation of personal tools."

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Meet #AppImageCraft an #AppImage creation tool that FINALLY allows packaging your software in MODERN SYSTEMS and STILL be COMPATIBLE with OLDER ONES

It's not production ready but will grow in features and stability quickly. So stay tuned!

"Mpv is a fork of mplayer2 and MPlayer. It shares some features with the previous projects while introducing many more."

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