We have added two more znx-compatible ISO files to our Development builds section, NItrux (minimal) and @kde Neon.

We'd like to share some of the progress that we're making with the newly redesigned NX Software Center. This version of the software center is being coded from the ground-up using MauiKit, and it has been designed to be simple to use, and simple to maintain.

After a very successful BOF session at @kde Akademy 2019, we are delighted with the support of the community that accompanied us during our stay in Milan.

We hope to attend next year and showcase our next round of updates.


In addition to our presentation on the 11th at @kde Akademy 2019, Camilo Higuita and Anupam Basak, developers of MauiKit (mauikit.org) will be delivering a talk on the 8th to discuss all the significant improvements to our UI framework, and it's integration with Kirigami.


We have published new versions of znx (development) and znx-gui (continuous).



Check out the new releases at their respective @github repositories.

We will be giving a BoF presentation of Nitrux at @kde Akademy 2019 on Wednesday 11th, September.

In it, we will be talking about znx, MauiKit, VMetal, and the Linux distribution in general. We're also hoping that we can do a live stream of our presentation possibly to our YouTube channel.



Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.2.0 is available to download.

Support and Help
[EN] nxos.org/en/compendium/
[ES] nxos.org/es/compendio/

[EN] nxos.org/en/faq/
[ES] nxos.org/es/faq/

Today is the last Friday of the month, and that means a new Nitrux release!.

Nitrux 1.2.0 will be available in a few hours.

"Pencil2D is an easy, intuitive tool to make 2D hand-drawn animations. Pencil2D is open source and cross-platform."

Download the AppImage at appimagehub.com/p/1309780/

"kitty is a cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator."

Download the AppImage at appimagehub.com/p/1287332/

We have improved the instructions to setup VMetal in our FAQ. There's no configuration involved other than downloading two files.

English: nxos.org/en/faq/#how-can-i-use

Spanish: nxos.org/es/faq/#how-can-i-use

Ahead of our presence in @kdecommunity @akademy 2019, today we're making official the availability of VMetal in NItrux.

Please make sure to read through the FAQ for more information.

"We had talked about znx many times in this blog[..]

In today’s article, we want to clear up some of the misconceptions about our Operating System manager."

Read more at bit.ly/2HcbdKg

We have added a new layout for the desktop that follows the traditional Plasma Desktop. And, we also added a couple of new things too.

You can check these out on the development version.

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